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Apr 20, 2021
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Fort Worth, Texas
How important is companionship to your horse? Does your horse need another horse? Would a goat or sheep be ok? Is being across the fence from another horse enough? Every horse is different but what is your experience?

When we moved here a year ago my neighbors horse Doc, her other 2 horses had died from old age so she only has the one left, had been by himself for years. When my horses moved in across the fence line he was absolutely thrilled! If I did anything with one of my horses (big or small) he would scream and scream, he was so scared they would leave and never come back. He was very happy having horses next door and sharing a fence line. Now he has finally quieted down and gotten use to our ways… well, until last week.

Doc has really become attached to my biggie, Riffics. In the middle of winter during a sleet storm, he would stand right next to Riffics. Riffics wold stand under cover but not poor Doc standing out there in the freezing bad weather. He doesnt like to leave Riffics side across the fence. Last week we decided to put Doc & Riffics out together. OMG! Like two kids in a candy store! The LOVE being together! Doc is 20 and Riffics is 23! Perfect match! They both have NEVER been happier! When Riffics first gets to Docs pasture for their “play date” Doc follows Riffics around as if saying, “don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!” When I bring Riffics home for the night Doc screams & screams for him. As soon as Riffics is back in his own pasture he heads straight to the fence line to be next to his best bud. The new arrangement is benefitting Riffics too, he is FINALLY sleeping! Riffics is a very dominant horse and has to look after “his herd”. I hardly ever see him laying down snoozing. Riffics has been sleep crashing for so long now but finally he is laying down getting some much needed rest! For these two old farts being across the fence just wasn’t enough, they needed to be in the same pasture together.

Do you have any cool horse stories about companionship??

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