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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
There's going to be a new member to my family today! My parents are getting their second bearded collie puppy, who has been named Riley since before he was even conceived, today! So, I will have a new fur-brother. I am going with them. We've only seen two pictures and they were kind of of the puppies' backs, so I can't say we even know much about how Riley looks.

My mom will SO have her hands full. Especially, I think, in a couple of months. Murphy, their 9mos old Beardie is very high energy. Not hyper, if that makes sense, but a focused kind of high energy. He's extremely smart. I think he will really love having a dog his own size to play with in the yard. My own "regular" collie puppy, Kelsey, is much, much more laid back than Murphy.

I will post pictures later. I'm planning to take my camera with me. We pick him up about 3 hours from my folks' house at 5pm, so will be late getting back to my own abode.

Here is Riley and his littermates, however, we don't really know which one is Riley at this point (but it won't be long now -- my parents are really excited!):


This is the breeder where Riley is coming from:

Friendship Bearded Collies

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I just checked out the website.

They are cute dogs

I bet it was fun seeing all those puppies!!

How is your beautiful puppy doin??

Awwww they are just soooo adorable!!! Your mom and dad are gonna have a blast with this little one and their other one together! Whats more fun than having a puppy?????..............Having 2 puppies!!!!!
They look cute. Can't wait to see the one your parents get
I am a stupid sister. I forgot my camera and didn't even think about it until we were on the way home (3 hours in traffic, but Riley was SO good and at ease). I think my mom will take pictures of him today and I'll have her email me some so I can show him. He is SOOOO cute!!! He was the "show" pick of the litter. The breeder is really encouraging my parents to show Riley, but they told her they seriously doubt they will, and I am not in favor of it at all. I think it would just actually take away from how "wholesome" they feel about dogs. But, Riley is awesome. I already love him. He's got this steady way of looking you right in the eye that I love. He is black and white, of course, now but will turn light silver and white like Murphy, we think. And, he and Murphy are blood related, I'm thinking cousins... Murphy's mother is Riley's great-aunt.
Cute pups! Can't wait to see who this "Riley" is that you speak of. Bet he is a cutie pie!
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