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May 28, 2014
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His picture is at the end if you don't want to read the "story" I don't mind

We haven't quite decided on a name just yet. I spotted him out of about a dozen other mini's, most were plenty flashy enough... but he was the size I was looking for. It was clear he'd gotten the rotten end of a pair of scissors or clippers by his fo-hawk or maybe an Amish pony. He had the "look" for one. He had his head buried in the hay rack without much consideration for what was going on around him, getting shoved around by the other mini's who scattered when I walked toward him.

He needs "some" groceries and muscle, but I loved his 'lil white stockings and the white speck on his back. I got his head up and checked him out a bit. A little peppering around his eyes and a very novice guess at his teeth told me he was probably well into his teens. I stepped back while a couple other people climbed into the pen to check them out, making a beeline for #240 (my choice). Grabbing his face, opening his mouth and then a girl far too large for him "sat" on his back to see how he'd react. His head came up and his ears flicked back, but he didn't react, probably didn't know what to quite think. She checked out two other mares that were the same height as #240. Listening to her speak up she planned on bidding on #240 and one of the mares.

I hung back and checked him out a couple of more times. His patience and temperament for being shoved around was great. He wasn't dead, but I'm sure a lot of his energy was sapped by the fact he could use a little weight and plenty of muscle. I turned to my hubby and asked if I could put a budget to bid on him. He didn't hesitate. Every time before we picked a mini to bid on they soared passed our budget. However, a very nice riding mare who was quite loud sold for $875, so I had some hope.

The driving mares came through first and the gal that intended to bid on #240 and the mares never looked up, never paid any mind to them coming through. I was discouraged that she was planning to pursue #240 and she'd exceed my budget. There's a great understanding between my husband and I. He trusts me to stay in my budget on this once-a-year trip and in return he supports me if we manage to get one in budget.

They herded the rest of the mini's in, #240 was included. The highest bidder would get first choice. No one nibbled until the price got low enough and the girl started to bid, hubby elbowed me and gave me the OK to start bidding. Went back and forth about three or four times. We were $50 from my cap when she stopped bidding. I made my choice and she got second, she dismissed them and told them she didn't want any of the others. The guys here are pretty persistent... so she eventually decided on a silver dapple mare.

I'll be honest, the moment I realized he was mine my stomach dropped. What had I done? I had no where to quarantine him but our own house (a subdivision with no HOA and very good neighbors who supported my goats) I get anxiety pretty easily and started to stress out. A couple mini's were coughing in the pen and I realized I'd opened a can of worms. Washing my clothes before messing with my other horses, but at least he wasn't showing any symptoms. I'd never bought an auction horse and I realized I had quite a task before me.

We settled with the Auction House and went to go get #240. The seller had already started to load the mini's up and had to unload him (again). His attitude was different, his ears were up, eyes bright and quite a pep in his step, but all the while respectful. At least until we reached some grass, which he got quite feverish about. I don't think he ever left the hay pit in that pen. Trailers rattled by and he never batted an eye. We had a lady willing to haul him home for us (I had my pick-up and hadn't quite planned on a purchase other than the budget). She bought a larger paint mare. Loaded her up and then we got #240 on the trailer. She nailed the ramp about the time we closed it. My stomach flipped again, she was going to kill him kicking like that. He stood against the trailer wall and I felt horrible, but he needed to be out of there tonight (we're over an hour away). We made it three miles down the road before we had to do something. She was kicking the snot out of the trailer, rocking it feverishly. #240 managed to get in the front portion of the trailer (two horse straight loader), he patiently stood with a look of "This girl is NUTS!"

The mare started to stir again and #240 did what any normal horse did, he leaped out of the side door to get away from her. Instantly calm and checking his new surroundings out. A pretty sizeable cut on his right rear cannon bone my heart broke for him. This guy had come from OHIO, apparently went through New Holland, Orange Auction, and now this. The folks who bought the mare gave her a mild sedative to calm her down, but #240 had no interest in getting back in that trailer and we weren't going to put him back in there. A friend of hers pulled alongside us and offered a spot on his trailer, but I'd have to get him tomorrow (today). I wasn't comfortable with the fact I didn't know these people... but I had phone numbers and names and an address for pick-up, so we took the chance for his safety. He loaded up on the other trailer alongside two other horses who were very "welcoming" and quietly stood before they pulled away.

So with that all out there, meet #240... Supposedly he drives, but we'll see once we get some muscle on him and an evaluation
He was incredibly sweet and unphased by all the chaos. I'm leaving here shortly to go pick him up. He's quite proportionate, the picture kind of does him a disservice lol.

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I've always like socks, white or dark. He has a very nice face. And having that white star livens up his face. I wish my Rowdy had a bit of white on his black face.

Good luck with your adventure.
Thank you both! I think he has some charm and I look forward to seeing him with weight and muscle back on
I'll be sure to keep the thread updated!

FINALLY got back home with this cheeky little guy. Pouring down rain. Loaded like a champ and went straight to the flake of hay in the hay net. By the time we got home it was gone. My dogs were bit caught off guard by this "intruder" in their backyard, but between not being able to reach him and his general disinterest, they too, lost interest. Seems pretty happy and healthy (normal stools and such).
So glad that this very handsome little guy found a good home! Congratulations to him and to you!
Thank you so much everyone. He is my first "rescue" and it will be neat to see him progress and develop a healthy coat and healthy mind.

I'm really happy we were able to get him from the guy. I watch New Holland auction page and he took the rest of the miniature's there. Two were acknowledged as saved... but I'm not sure about the others.

Black Magic aka "Magic" is what hubby wants to name him. He responds to it already or perhaps just hearing a voice that isn't screaming. We'll call him from our deck and he'll saunter over and look up. I went out this morning to give him some goodies and take some pictures (below). He's very curious of me and even more so once he realized I had goodies! He wasn't so sure about my camera, but I still got some pictures to share. My Sheltie managed to sneak off the deck with me and he was very polite to her when she got close to him, but still pinned his ears and lightly "swung" his head (really just turned his head in her direction).

Bot flies are terrible this year. *sigh*




What is THAT?! (I brought my camera up and he was like "Uh...")

Thanks for sharing. I love his name….suits him. I always wish my horses could tell me about their lives before we met. He looks curious and happy to start his new adventure with you.
I would tend to agree the more front facing eyes are probably a good thing. Given how large they are I imagine seeing isn't an issue ;)!

I sure wish horses could talk... I'd like to hear what he's gone through as well. I hope we can at least make this portion of his life more pleasant.

We sat out with him today and he stayed close. He's "waking" up a bit more around the dogs. Holly, our Sheltie, was getting curious of him and he was a little quicker to pin his ears and lightly shifted his hips her direction. Never offered to kick, but he doesn't care for her being around. Which is fine, we'll revist the canine division after he gets some detox.

I haven't had the chance to snag a fresh stool, but I did kick a pile over that contained worms (pictured below) Any idea as to the kind? I want to get an idea what I need to worm for before going after him with a wormer. I'm not sure if these are internal worms or "maggots" laid by gnats/flies?

Also, any teeth guru's out there?? They're pretty well "loved" teeth from my inexperience guess.. The more I can observe and compare I'd say he's well into his 20's?




If worms in manure gross you out, scroll no further!!

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Round worms, I think. I suggest the 5 day power pack. Panacur Powerpac Fenbendazole Paste Wormer 5-Dose

From the photos his coat shows obvious signs of parasite infestation. It should still be warm enough there for you to give him a good bath in a few weeks when he's had more time to settle in. Seems like no matter how much one brushes, one can hardly get deep down clean in that heavy coat.

One of the saddest things I saw in the photo was that halter ridge. Totally inexcusable. I have seen that on horses that belong to people who should have known better.

I'm a dunce on teeth. I just call my equine dentist and trust her...
It would be unreal if they could talk. The hardest part about buying a horse with unknown history is trying to read their story.

Im sure you have one very happy boy on your hands now he has found you.

I hope you will continue to post pics and update us on his progress
From the pics I think your mini is around 12 to 13 years old , the Galvynes grove is short and the flat of the tooth is not yet triangular , plenty of life in him yet ! Congratulations , he is a very lucky boy !
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Very much appreciate the input and kind words on Magic! My hubby is quite smitten with him
We have the vet scheduled for the end of the month/early next month to bring him up to speed on vaccines. I have an extra small pony harness that was in a box upstairs, so I decided to tinker with him a bit.

I asked as much from him as he was willing to give and we ended on a phenomenal note. I didn't put the bridle on today, but I am in no rush. I wanted to see his "thinking" side. Completely "terrified" (sarcasm hehe) by the harness and a little curious about the cart. However, had him hooked up in no time. I dared a quick sit in the cart for a very, very brief moment, which yielded great results that he chugged right along. My only concern was he started coughing a fairly dry cough while pulling the cart and I. A cough about every 3-4 seconds. The breastplate was sitting where it should, but I wondered if where his neck ties into his chest/shoulder that may be the culprit. No snotty noes, no ragged breathing and no temperature. I contemplated lung worms since he was likely in with donkey's, but the more I read the more unlikely it seems? I'll be sure to take my gear with me when the vet comes and get an opinion from her as well

I'm liking this little guy more and more! Measured out just a tick over 38"... Which makes me giddy as Coal is 39" and if he's okay'ed to pull... That means I might very well have a team


Hubby wanted to help expose him to the cart:

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Did he cough the whole time or just at first? I read someplace--can't remember where--that a cough at the beginning of a workout is not a problem. Just clearing the esophagus. Mine do that at first. If he keeps coughing, that might be a concern. Hopefully your vet will give him a thumbs up.

Good to have his teeth checked before the bit. What a good boy!
I tried to replicate the coughing without the cart and harness by lunging. He wasn't quite sure what I was asking at first and chose to jaunt his hip/rump toward me and fight the lead. After asking him to change directions he loosened up and started to listen, smart boy! No cantering, just trotting. He had random throat "clicks" that I couldn't get to sound off consistently or address what started it. So I'll leave him be in the work department until we get a good worming regime and the vet sees him
Hope its nothing too serious, but I think your doing the right thing in waiting until your vet sees him before you begin any more work with him
How is the little guy today? Hopefully his cough is just a transient thing or like Marsha said him just clearing his throat. I had a morgan/pony that would always hack and cough when first starting out with exercise. I had him vetted and it was "just him blowing out the cobwebs" according to the vet. He never got better or worse over time, it was always consistent, but never harmful. Hope the vet finds your new boy to be ok. He's super cute.
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