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May 8, 2012
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South Carolina, US
Hello everybody! I havent posted much but I have been here about a month. On Wednesday I will be having these cuties coming to my house because I will be their new owner. The colt was born April 30th. Not sure what we will name them yet but for the colt we are thinking either Sherlock or Uno and for the momma either Hoodoo, Starlight, Adler, or Watson. Which names do you like best? The last picture is the daddy (we dont own him) his name is Ziggy.

Hi! Welcome!

Cute pair! I like Starlight best for the mare. And Hoodoo for the colt!

Everyone feeds differently for what works best for their horses.

You should start out by feeding them what & how much they are used to so you can change them over gradually to what you decide to feed.
Also, how much grain do you reccomend feeding them? Im new to minis and am not used to the tiny portions! lol
Just like full-size horses its based on their weight; but yes it takes time to get used to those smaller portions.

How much to feed depends on the horse; my smallest horse is getting the largest "grain" meal (he's only 31" tall, about 175# and gets 1.25# of senior pellets daily plus chopped hay - the rest are mostly 35-38" tall, 325-375# and get about 3/4# of extruded feed plus baled hay and starting on pasture).

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