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  1. G

    When to send my mini colt to a trainer? Round pen?

    Hi All, You guys have been such a guiding compass and comfort to me! I'm happy to report that everyone is settling in and happy and well-behaved right now (including my mare who was in heat and adjusting from being back from a trainer, but seems to be more relaxed now). I'm hoping you guys...
  2. J

    purchasing colt, weaned at 9 weeks failure to thrive & lameness! Advice welcome!!

    Hi there! I have owned and been around horses all my life but have never worked with or owned a weanling, this will be my first time. I do not know much about weaning...but the lady I am purchasing my colt from has already weaned the colt at 9weeks old?! From what I have read, that is much too...
  3. JulieMe

    Weanling Rescue Advice

    Hello! I am new here and need a quick crash course in miniature weanling care 101. Today I rescued a approx 5 month old weanling colt from a nearby kill lot that got in over 20 minis headed for slaughter. I have experience with big horses, but not one this tiny or this young. I feed my 7...
  4. Minifoal

    Filly has a Rash on her Nose?

    Hello, I wanted to see if this is normal or should I treat it with something gentle? My filly born Aug. 7th., who we have named Sky has developed what I would call a rash on her nose. It's not visible in photos, so not bad, but I don't want it to get bad. I was told to put Tea Tree Oil on it...
  5. Minifoal

    Foal Care Advice

    Our mare just foaled a gorgeous little appy filly. It is trying to eat her feed at 3 days old so I am putting her feed in a trough so she can't reach it. I have care questions & would appreciate your help. 1) When is it ok to let her eat pellet feed with her Dam or when do I feed her in her...
  6. minihingstar

    My new stallion is finally home :D

    After a long wait is he finally home. And I'm totally love him <3 He's such a sweetheart and social. His breeder took him to the show i was at this weekend so I'd showed him in some classes. Neither him ore I had been on shows before and trained. But we'd got a second place at Novice and amateur...
  7. RodeoHorsey

    My new minis

    Hello everybody! I havent posted much but I have been here about a month. On Wednesday I will be having these cuties coming to my house because I will be their new owner. The colt was born April 30th. Not sure what we will name them yet but for the colt we are thinking either Sherlock or Uno and...