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Magic Marker Miniatures

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Jan 1, 2017
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We moved! To Summersville, MO... 18.5 and green pastures (sans cattle)! No more sand, no more %^$#@*& cactus!!! We purchased the following horses from various farms:

Redrock Miniatures:

-- Redrock Fabulous (Lucky Four Santa Fe So Impressive x Redrock News Flash) - a gorgeous 30" bay pinto splash mare, in foal to Fiesta Acres Mystique... Has already foaled a tiny, cute little bay (probably carries splash) colt!!! He's adorable and full of himself! Haven't decided if we will sell him or not...

-- Redrock Miata - a cute little (coming 2 years) bay filly by Fiesta Acres Mystique and out of Redrock News Flash

-- Redrock C I Have a Dream - another cute little filly... black and white, yearling - also by Fiesta Acres Mystique out of Redrock Sasakwa

-- Redrock Masterpiece -- an impulse buy - darn pop (point of purchase - a sales/marketing term) sale! He is a coming 2 year old stallion and is full of tick and vinegar and cute as a button... Has an awesome trot.... great action in hock and knee! Will make a great cart horse! He is also by Fiesta Acres Mystique and out of MCC Weavers Fancy Pants.

Thank you Becky!

Equanimity Acres:

-- Cherryvilles Kahlua and Cream (Fanfares Sir Winsalot x 3M 2Ms Baybe Be Mine) - a hardheaded, hard to catch, 34" gorgeous buckskin mare (Buckeroo bred) with a gorgeous trot!

-- Buck Easys Born Blonde (LK Buck Easy x Sandy Acres Dairy JCs Angel) a lovely, light colored 32.5" Buckeroo bred palomino mare with a beautiful head and sweet personality...

-- Equanimitys Flutterby (Pacific Moonlighting (yeah! Pacific Pintos AND LTD Magic Man!) x Buck Easys Born Blonde (AND Buckeroo bred) - a lovely smoky black and white 32" mare with splash and probably LWO+ - need to test - and "bandit" face markings! I am looking forward to seeing what she will produce with that line up!

All three mares above are bred to Fikes Impressive Legacy - a bay pinto, turned grey... Any colts will be for sale; fillies TBD....

Thank you, Jen!


-- Pineywoods Inikis Puzzle (RFM Thunders Iniki x Silverleaf Dark Destiny) - a flashy, B/W HZ LWO+ 30.5" pinto mare with extensive show record and sired by the famous Iniki (AMHA Reserve World Champion in Multi Color Stallion) who was sold to Russia for an ungodly sum! Looking forward to breeding this mare to (we don't know yet!)

Thank you Frank and Charlotte!

LTD Miniatures (Hi Lisa!!!)

-- Magic Mans Top Ticket (Magic Man of LTDS x Santanas Premium Lace) a smoky black and white stallion, LWO+ and a dynamo in a 28" package! He is so full of himself... I bet he'd take on Toni's 15HH Paint stallion..... AND WIN! And obviously a son of the world famous Magic Man!

-- LTD Hello Vegas (Laurel Acres Hello Fire x LTDs Maid U Look) - a NFC Fire and Ice grandson and future breeding stallion for our program... Non dilute, non LWO+, solid black with one white sock and a little snip, small and stunning yearling colt!

-- FRH Fancy Superior - a bay AMHR/ASPC gelding - Toni's future CDE prospect... Great action... already trained to cart and has been shown in halter.

Thank you, Lisa!

Little King Farm

-- Little Kings Buckeroo Zipit (Boones Little Buckeroo x Little King Celebrity Supreme) - A perlino 31" Buckeroo son... Need I say more????

-- Little Kings Buckeroo Morning Kiss (Boones Little Buckeroo x Mythical Farms Fantasia) - A lovely cremello 34" Buckeroo daughter, in foal to In Cahoots - an AMHR/ASPC 37.5" Bay Stallion, (JCs Distinction x Michigans Fancy Silk Stockings) with gorgeous high action... Resulting foal will be sold...

-- Monarchos Royal Princess (Arions Toy Monarchos x Manipulators Georgia Melody) - a sweet and pretty sorrel mare, 32.5" - In foal to Little Kings Buck Magnificent - Can't wait to see this cross!

Thank you, Robin!


-- Mystique Bandeleros Little Princess (Sierra Dawn Unos Bandelero x Mystique Valcors Alluring Princess) - a black, 31.5" (may be smoky black) mare with blue eyes and appy characteristics (the famous Orion is on her dam's side!). Her grandsire is the famous Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo... I've long admired this stallion and am as pleased as punch to have this mare! Very refined, dainty and could go right into the show ring... even after having at least one foal!

Thank you, Mary C. Lackey

-- MA2 Annie Oakley (Westwind I'm Psyched x Swan Lakes Kings Delight) - a tiny, bay yearling filly... She's a pistol... hence her name... Yep... Buckeroo on her topline...

Thank you, Allyssa Attaway

We couldn't be happier with my our Minis! Looking forward to new foals and new bloodlines! Yes, we have a lot of Buckeroo, but we think we have enough outcrosses to produce some exciting new babies!

Here are pics of our new property... Go to various websites for pics of horses as we do not have permission to post their pics and we don't have new pics of horses... When Spring has sprung and horses have shed their winter woolies we will post our own pics!



WOW! Now that's what I call a SHOPPING SPREE!!! HUGE CONGRATS on your new homestead and all your horses!!!
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Congrats all around!!! Your new place looks wonderful!
What she said, that's some shopping spree. Sounds like some nice new additions, can't wait to see those pictures.
Congratulations! You've been busy. Have fun with your new endeavors!
Congratulations on all your new purchases ! Looks like some fun ones
WOW what a beautiful place!! just look at all that lush pasture land. I had to scroll back up to see if there was a house (since I tend to see pastures and fences only) I love your new home as well! A new beginning for you and your family, and a new breeding program too - this should be exciting!... You have some excellent stock, I'm very excited for you and will look forward to updates.
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