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  1. Z

    Mini mare

    I'm bringing home this mini mare today that originally came from auction last October the lady said she dosent know if she's bred. So could she possible be wormy? I will do a full check over when I pick her up today. As she is extremely hard to catch.
  2. M

    Help save fred!!!

    Hi! Please share this if you can! So I Found this sweet boy at an auction that a friend of mine is going to today (6/4/22) and she's going to try to save him! We need some extra support to pay off his auction price so please donate so Fred can have a new life! We need donations and anything...
  3. little rodeo

    Starved yearling.

    This little guy is nothing but bones. I started him on good quality grass hay, mini feed, and alfalfa pellets. We just picked him up today from a rescue. His coat is like a woolly mammoths. Should I clip him? Should I feed him differently? I’ve had tons of horses but this is my first mini. We...
  4. M

    Looking for photos of ancestry

    Hello A long shot here but looking for photos of specific horses: Ohio’s Betty Ohio’s little tar baby Ohio’s little toy Ohio’s little twinkles Rainbow light van’t huttenest Thanks for any help!
  5. Stripe13

    Cart+harness fitting help

    Hey all! Rebel is finally ready to be put into the cart! With that all being said, I want to make sure that her tack looks like it’s fitting properly. I adjusted everything as much as I can but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Is there anything that looks like it needs adjustment? The...
  6. Stripe13

    Book suggestions?

    Recently I’ve been wanting to get some more miniature horse books. Does anyone have any suggestions for good books? I’m wanting to learn some more tips on training and definitely learn more about driving and all the different forms/styles of driving out there. I’m also looking to start showing...
  7. Stripe13

    Jessica Photos

    Currently stuck at the beach because my dog needed surgery (he’s older and decided to jump off the deck chasing after a raccoon. He basically tore all the ligaments in his knee) so I’m staying here till he’s healed up enough to go back home. I’ve been here around 3 weeks, and I really miss my...
  8. A

    Aloha New Member here

    I posted once before but I never introduced myself. I am a mini owner in Hawaii. I have 4 minis right now and one that is soon to born. I came here looking for info on birthing and found lots of great information. I own Aloha Riding Lessons, LLC and Aloha Minis. I teach horsemanship to adults...
  9. Stripe13

    Show spiciness

    So I just got back from a show, and I did pretty well with my little mare! However she was also a little butt head XD During the show (especially in the warm up ring) she’d suddenly either jump in the air and kick out, buck while trotting, or just kind of jump to the side. She’d do this no...
  10. A

    Dislocated Femur and surgery :(

    I need help and I know this has been discussed before, but years ago. My loving 350 lb mini dislocated her femur and we are looking at a femoral osteotomy. We are so nervous but the vets say she has a good chance post surgery. I would really like to speak to any owners who have done this for...
  11. J

    purchasing colt, weaned at 9 weeks failure to thrive & lameness! Advice welcome!!

    Hi there! I have owned and been around horses all my life but have never worked with or owned a weanling, this will be my first time. I do not know much about weaning...but the lady I am purchasing my colt from has already weaned the colt at 9weeks old?! From what I have read, that is much too...
  12. Pony.Mom

    What do you feed your ponies for feed?

    Wondering what everyone feeds their minis. From foal to senior? I just picked up a bag of Valley Flax and CFS Elevate for my 2 seniors. Plus they get free choice hay. Just wondering what everyone else feeds. Pictures of my 2 seniors just in hay alone for almost 3 years. 
  13. Pony.Mom

    Newbie to the forum.

    Hi im new to the group i am from Nova Scotia canada. Also looking to connect with other mini owners and their experiences. I have 2 miniature mares ages 17yrs old. I have had them both for 3 years now. And I just recently started giving them 1/2 cup of Black Oil Sunflower Seed aka BOSS each once...
  14. rebels_last_resort

    Where to find good quality turnouts for hard to fit mini

    I am hoping someone can direct me to where I can purchase mini clothes...heavy blanket, turnout sheet, fly sheet, stable sheet/fleece cooler. My little guy wears a 44-45 but most blankets are too short on the side drop. He has shorter than average legs for his build and a larger body. I have...
  15. secuono

    A new critter coming soon!

    Hello all! This is my first post, I believe. I'll be visiting a little filly tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully she checks out and I'll bring her home with me! She is around a year old and pampered. I have a roughly 30x80ft area she will be in for now right by the house. It's all chainlink fencing...
  16. Brookwood Farm

    Halter Help

    Hi, I was wondering if you are allowed to touch the horse's halter in mini classes? I was recently informed that you are not and if you do points will be taken away. Is this true?
  17. Kelsianne


    Hi, Our mini horse is very skinny even though we feed her plenty. She doesn't always finish her food, and has had diarrhea on and off for the past month. (Right now she's fine though) She's up-to-date on worming, so I have no idea why she's so skinny. She's had colic several times before and...
  18. Morganite

    If a horse has white hairs throughout their coat, will they go grey?

    Ok, I bought this pretty little girl two years ago. Her papers, and coggins labeled her as black. She can be black or bay depending on the time of year. Today as I was grooming her, I noticed a bunch of white hairs throughout her coat. A few days ago, while reading through a thread, cannot...
  19. Gone_Riding

    How long is it after udder development that mini mares foal?

    My AMHR size B mini mare is 289 days pregnant. Yesterday, she started having udder development. She had nothing the day before. What has been your experience on how long it takes for the udder to fill until baby is born? Is this early a bad thing?
  20. J

    Temperament-difference between minis and ponies

    Hi all; I have a good friend who has recently gotten into ponies. We have been talking about the differences in temperaments between miniatures and ponies. They seem like very different creatures. Have you all noticed a difference? If so, could you describe the difference?