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  1. skippatuffson

    New To Two New Minis

    Good morning to all. I am new to minis. I have had horses and shown halter, western pleasure, trail, etc. all my life, but now with two knee replacements I have sold my dream horse to a youth to show in 4-H and pulled myself away from riding. Desiring to have horses still, I have a POA world...
  2. MissysMum

    ''Hello'' from a Newbie!

    Hello everyone! I have lurked here for a while but never plucked up the courage to sign up until now! I currently own a lovely 11hh 'Dartmoor hill pony' called 'Missy', which isn't a miniature by breed but she is fairly mini! (Not sure if that counts or is allowed ) I originally bought...
  3. secuono

    A new critter coming soon!

    Hello all! This is my first post, I believe. I'll be visiting a little filly tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully she checks out and I'll bring her home with me! She is around a year old and pampered. I have a roughly 30x80ft area she will be in for now right by the house. It's all chainlink fencing...
  4. PintoPippin

    Anyone recognize this pony??? Registration possibility and opinions..

    Hello everyone! I am brand new to the world of small equines.. I have had big horses all my life, but recently purchased my first shetland; tipping my hat to my Scottish heritage. He is an absolute joy to own, and a great asset to my small lesson program. I am looking for information about his...
  5. jstarr78

    New to Mini's, need advice have Foal on the way any day now

    Hello All, Just trying to see if I can get additional information other than what I have learned online and from my vet. I recently purchased my first miniature horses in March of this year. I ended up with a beautiful 5 year old blue roan appy stud who has the most charming personality for a...
  6. hmdesign

    A (long) Hello: New Here

    Hi All, It's after years (literally…years) of lurking that I've decided to introduce myself and become a member of the forum. I've read plenty, and seen lots on this site in the past 6 years. I'm not sure where my obsession with the miniature horse began. Like many I've been a horse crazy...
  7. B

    Wanting to enter the world of driving.... but how?

    I would love to get my horse started on driving, but I'm not sure where to begin! I know that many start this process by just getting the horse comfortable with all of the tack... But what kind of harness is good to start out with, and with what kind of bit? My pony is still a yearling, so I...
  8. RodeoHorsey

    My new minis

    Hello everybody! I havent posted much but I have been here about a month. On Wednesday I will be having these cuties coming to my house because I will be their new owner. The colt was born April 30th. Not sure what we will name them yet but for the colt we are thinking either Sherlock or Uno and...