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Sunny Delight

Aug 20, 2012
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Tasmania, Australia
Hey everyone,
I bought a new mini horse mare on Saturday. She came from a place where there is no such thing as fences I stuck her in my fully electrified yard and made sure she got a zap. Message received by her. Before I left she was quite content, even with my stallion belting out love tunes. Later on in the day I get a phone call from my mum telling me she is out and running with the others...I drive up there as quickly as I can....too late. My mini pony stallion has jumped her at least twice before I got there and twice as I was trying to catch them. Stupid me didn't even consider the fact that she has been in a herd and when the other boys disappeared out of view she would panic and go through the fence....anyhoo I finally got her and put her back in her paddock, with my sweetest gelding so she had company and she hasn't escaped since. Now down to my question, I checked her vulva after I had hold of her and looked for signs of penetration, excess fluid etc coming out and she appeared dry and untouched but I guess I really can't be sure unless I get the vet out to check her. I don't particularly want a foal with these two, but again she appeared dry and un-penetrated. He also had rugs on so may have been difficult for him to navigate. Opinions on what I should do? Wait and see? Get her scanned and aborted? Based on what I have told you, would you say she has been served? After seeing a cover of my other mare on Saturday morning, which was intentional I would say he didn't penetrate but I could be wrong?
This is all my own stupid fault for not even considering that she would freak out by herself.

All opinions welcome
well, my experience was i brought a mare home and my stalliion bred her. 3 days in a row. the first time was an accident, but since i was planning on breeding them anyway i just let him do his thing. Nothing came of it. and after telling several people about it, they all said that a mare will come into a dry heat when she moves to somewhere strange. a new home, show , anything. Nothing came of the breeding, so i am inclined to believe them.

personally i would get her checked anyway if you really don't want the foal. jeannie
The lutylize shot cost next to nothing (12 dollars) here in Nova Scotia. Well worth giving her the shot, it wont hurt her even if she isn't bred. But you have to wait a week after the breeding I believe. You're vet will know the time frame I'm sure.
Normally you would give the Lutylise when the mare is supposed to come into season again- I have never heard of "dry heat" so cannot comment on it but most mares will submit to a new stallion and this will consist of squatting and squirting, but smells different. Most stallions will respond by mounting, but polite ones will not attempt to actually cover the mare. There are not usually any signs of penetration having taken place and some of the best breedings I have had have been at a hand canter- blink and you miss it. If you really do not want a foal form this pair, or even this breeding at this time, have her injected- it is not that expensive and yes, I have always had quite radical side effects so you do need to pick a time when you can be there. Side effects range from none at all right through to profuse sweating and colic (but it is superficial colic and quite easily dealt with) . It is not really abortion though, think of it more as the "morning after" pill!
I was told that the lute shot had to be given within 11 days of covering, and it's very cheap here, too- $8 for shot, $8 for the banamine. If you dont' want a foal, this is the best way to go. It's not truly an abortion, just makes her cycle again.
Lutylise will work ( with one shot) in the first 35 days (wait 7-10 days after the breeding). After 35 days up to 100 days it will still work but may require multiple shots. After 100 days it is ineffective. So I have been told by a couple of vets here.
Yes, me too. My Vet said "wait and see if she returns, if not- jab"

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