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  1. Lepeppylass

    Barren Mare with Stallion

    Hi everyone, I have a very healthy and happy 23 year old mini mare. She failed to settle in 2013 & 2014, but had a successful run as a broodmare in her younger days. She was sold to me as barren and I have no plans to try and get a foal from her, but I do plan to breed her pasture mate. Would it...
  2. Shandyhorse

    What age did you breed your mare?

    What age did you breed your mare for the first time and felt that it was safe? Would you think 3 to foal at 4 would be okay?
  3. Sunny Delight

    Mare covered by stallion...not ideal

    Hey everyone, I bought a new mini horse mare on Saturday. She came from a place where there is no such thing as fences I stuck her in my fully electrified yard and made sure she got a zap. Message received by her. Before I left she was quite content, even with my stallion belting...
  4. Lil Timber Buck

    Breeding my stallion possibly within the next year...what to consider??

    For those of you that have breeding stallions, how old were they when you let them breed for the first time? I already have people asking to breed to my stallion and he just turned 2 in June. I don't feel comfortable yet with his level of maturity. Also, they are asking if I will breed him to a...
  5. O

    Why do the majority think this way?

    My question is this: Would you rather give birth to a baby that is 23" in length with a 12" head circumference at 7 lbs, or an 18" length baby with a 16" head circumference at 9 lbs? Now personally, I have never given birth so I can't answer that, but I asked my mother and she said hands down...
  6. targetsmom

    Who have you bred (or not bred) for 2013?

    Those who have followed the forum for awhile likely know of our horrible foaling luck, as we have more dead foals over 6 years than live ones. But for this year, we were blessed with 3 healthy foals (and 2 fillies!) from 3 mares that were bred. But we swore that no matter what happened this...
  7. M

    Problems breeding with a stallion

    To my mini horse friends and breeders, I need some advice with a problem I am having breeding one of my stallions. He is having problems getting his hand in the glove, so to speak. I have tried helping him but sometimes he stops because I am touching him, other times by the point I can get the...
  8. Little Wolf Ranch

    Trouble Breeding Mare

    Okay so I would like to get some advice from you all knowledgeable breeders out there.... My mare Allula is a young mare who had a blue eyed bay pinto filly in 2011. We had lost the filly due to my now ex-husbands cruel heart (long story) and she didn't get out of the bag in time. I didn't...
  9. Tabetha

    Best Time to Breed

    Hello All!! I am wondering what you think is the best time of the year to breed your mare? I am just starting out, and I want to be the best breeder I can be. I am only starting out breeding 1 mare at the moment, as that is all I have and plan on having for atleast this year. Thanks