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Oct 6, 2003
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Can someone look up the dates this mares foals were born? The owner of the mare has missed the birth of every foal because she says she’s foals earlier than the normal gestation. This year the mare is in foal to my stallion and I’ve offered to foal her out but she only kept the foaling date of her most recent foal. The other foals were by a friends stallion so I have the breeding dates, but I need the birth dates so I can determine her normal gestation length. The mares AMHR name is Ok 33 hot stuff Hillary Thanks in advance.
I tried to get in there, but I can't figure it out. I'd like to look up my mare's foals.
Thanks so much! That’s exactly what I need. Now I can be sure to get her to my place before she foals next year so she won’t foal alone. ❤️
Good thought rosaroca and wow Minimor!

I’m not sure which company uses the slogan, “we deliver”, but it could apply to the mini horse forum! 😂

Hope all goes well with your mare rosaroca!

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