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Nov 30, 2002
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I've always felt that a beautiful horse is a beautiful horse, but some seem to get overlooked because they aren't the popular style of the day.

I'd love to see beautiful examples of the diversity amongst miniatures...whether they be stocky or drafty, simply not the Arab-type, or those who may not be traditionally beautiful yet still have that special something that pleases your eye and your heart.

Here's an example: as much as I love and admire an Arab-type face, I love that Mingus has a longer distance from eye to muzzle than is typically considered ideal and just a bit of a convex, Roman nose -- with just a hint of a dish above it. He can go from sweet to haughty in a second. It's something I never tire of studying.


(pardon the dirt...he looks like this most of the time, since he loves to roll in the dust!)
This is Half Moon Farm Sylvia's Pride. He is more of the "Stockier" type, but has been winning his halter classes. Plus, he has one of the best attitudes and personalities to boot.




ForMiniSeasonsFarm I just love him. My stallion has that build, he is silver dapple and I really like it. Now his first foal is taking after mom and is the more popular slender type (I like that too), but I like in a stallion some gusto.
I love Mingus
I guess I love all horses and you know I love those pretty show ponies, but all horses have a beauty to them. I'm not sure I have ever seen and ugly horse...well, maybe I have...

Anyway, here are my boys... Stormy is my stallion. I love his body...his head and neck leave a little to be desired (dino neck!), but I love him.


And this is Cloud Dancer...no one visits my farm without falling in love with this guys great personality.

well this is blue ridge billy, i took better pics today... just gots get them up

heres one from May


i think he almost has some dwarf things about him
or could just be drafty & fat
Maggie of Course! She is more the Old Type Morgan in conformation and I "Love" her temperament!!

Maggie in winter with her Head clipped.


Maggie this spring with full body clip...


Then of course we have her picture in the Avatar!
Then Theia, Maggie's Daughter... She can be sweet and a Snot all rolled into one.

Susanne, I love Roman noses too,, Maggie has one.

Will post pictures as soon as I can, my computer is being a pain in the...... well you know.
Here is Komoko's Gold Crest, aka Goldie. She has taught many a young girl to drive and most people on the west coast know this old girl because their daughter either took a lesson on her and possibly even showed her. She is 26 this year and still going strong. In her day she was something to dealt with. She retired from the show ring at 20 years young and has enjoyed the life of Riley ever since.

Here is a pretty little black mare that would not excel in halter classes but she is a beautiful gal for parades, great for a wonderful trail drive and can be trusted with kids. Here she is getting ready for a parade to honor our servicemen and our grandaughter patiently waiting to get going.


This is my 5 year old gelding, Viewcrest Too Hot To Tango (aka Tango). Although I love every inch of this pretty boy, I'd have to say my favorite feature is his adorable head. It's not exactly whats "in fashion" these days, but it creates and holds some of the CUTEST expressions I have ever seen on a horse.



Then of course is my 4 year old stallion, DF Chip Ahoy (aka Chip). He is not an Arab-type miniature by any means. He doesn't have twiggy little legs (I'm not flaming anyone or any horse with this comment) or a dishy head. He's got a gorgeous QH butt, a "rough" yet pretty head, and an adaquate amount of bone when it comes to his legs.



Thanks for letting me share, Erin
Iv got two ->

Bucky -> well hes a little hairy
and fat
but heres my little man. He has the cutest little babydoll head -> big cheeks little muzzle. But comfirmationaly hes to much of a chunk, I think...


Oh! I have pics with short hair! Theyr just from a couple years ago, but they work.

Buck with a HORRIBLE clip job...
he loves getting clipped though[hes never seen himself in a mirror]



and then theres Stella... I dont think Id know what to do without her...


My favorite horseApril Splendor!!! Not registered but I could breed her to a rock and she would throw a beautiful baby, that runs lik the wind and floats on air.




This is her 2005 filly Appy Kate. She has thrown 5 fillies and 1 colt.

Sandy D
sandra dittus said:
My favorite horseApril Splendor!!!  Not registered but I could breed her to a rock and she would throw a beautiful baby, that runs lik the wind and floats on air.

Beautiful mare and beautiful photo......Your post is wonderful!

This is one of my mares World of Miniatures Cinderella with her 2005 filly KB Fairy Tale. She is a great little mare! She has a stocky build.

WOW! What a gorgeous head on Cinderella's baby!

All the other horses are nice too. Congrats on such well loved little horses!
If miniature rages are like everything else, a different "type" will be the "in thing" in a few years. Beautiful horses are beautiful horses regardless of body type.
And....all of these are beautiful.

This is Image ... he's not beatiful exactly, but Jenn took his picture and made him look the way I always see him. Dentists like him, they say he has lots of room for his teeth!
I would have to say Lizzy was the most beautiful "ugly" horse I have ever seen. Not the "in type" look but she was still beautiful

This was taken only 2 nights before she left us.. if only I knew then what was makeing her belly look so big


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