I got a new job

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I do too.

Don't know how I got it, but I aced every test they had and I'm the worst driver in the world. Well I guess I wasn't always that bad. Just the past couple of years I got bad.

I have my CDL and Hazmat endorcement and every dang thing in the world on mine. I can drive a tractor trailer heaven forbid.

I drove the school bus up here for 2 1/2 years on and off and it was horrible. Worst job I ever had. Drive blind in the fog and just hope you stay on the road with kids on a bus that is crap and fails inspections and over loaded by three times the kids it should have. Terribly dangerous.

Whatever you do, do not drive a school bus.
My wife thought she wanted to drive a school bus. Got the required license and then just decided she did not have the gumption to put up with a bus load of screaming kids and me to. Really when she thought about how nervous she gets in the winter with a 4WD vehicle a bus load of kids putting their lives and well being in your hands was just more than she wanted to take on.
I love it!!!
Hay! My sister is a bus driver and she loves it! Crazy, screaming, throwing things
... and the kids are bad too!

LOL! HeHe!

Naw, I love my sis but it takes a special kind of person to drive a bus! Definately not for me!

I wish you the best!