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Jan 10, 2022
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Hello Everyone,
I am possibly moving to south Idaho and am having an extremely hard time finding any vets who do house calls aren't booked up solid, or are a breeding-only vet who only responds to reproductive emergencies. I've called at least 5 vets and none of them are taking new clients. Given the region I thought there would be no shortage of vets but I'm running out of options here.

Does anybody know of any vets who are willing to take new clients in or near Twin Falls County Idaho?
Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble finding a vet with openings. I'm honestly surprised you found 5 to call; but I'm very rural in NE Montana; we have 3 different clinics in a 65 miles radius, that's it (and I live in the middle of that radius, the clinics are in 3 different towns, I am in the middle of nowhere).
You mention "house calls", did you ask if any are accepting any clients? You may need to find a way to haul in, at least until you are established.
You may need to find Twin Falls area equestrian groups on like FB, so you can network, and find places that may not have websites or online presence. [Hard to believe in this day and age they wouldn't have an online presence, but seems there are still a few.]
Thank you so much. I'll do that.

Yes I had asked if they accepted new clients and by "house calls" if they come to you for visits or if you have to haul to them. I have the means to haul the minis but I'm hoping I don't have to go through the ordeal of loading, driving and unloading them for every single checkup.

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