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  1. ShanesPonies

    Help! What is this? Is it bad?

    Hello again! So Pearl is about 310 days along now! I can't remember if I announced in an older post or not but Tilly is 100% not prego, darn mare. Anyways Pearl is showing a lot of signs of possibly coming a bit early besides having any udder development. Last time she had a foal with us she...
  2. ShanesPonies

    Is she prego?

    Hiya! I put up a post the other day with a couple questions but the one I was most interested in never got answered. It may of been from too long of a post lol. I was wondering if you all think Tilly may be prego, unfortunately just by looking at the photos. If she is bred she would be just...
  3. ShanesPonies

    Prego Watch!

    Long post incoming!!! It's that time of year again! If you remember seeing my questions back in 2022 you should remember Pearl (Ondine Black Pearl)😁 We had gotten her from Miniture Ventures and with a possible breeding. But no one knew when she was bred and if she actually was. Luckily enough...
  4. Shanespony


    So it has been a long anxious wait for this mare to drop her baby. We don't know anything about her since we got her begining of February and we don't know a due date since last owners pasture bred her and just guessed she'd foal around end March begining of April. Last night and this morning...
  5. Shanespony


    Hiya! Recently picked up this girly, beginning of February. We were told she should foal any time between end of March and end of April. The last owners pasture bred and didn't keep tabs so we don't have a super good idea of when. She is 15 years old and has had 2 foals that we know of. She...
  6. A

    pregnant? or fat?

    we bought this jenny at the end of december 2020 and the lady said they she may have been bred before she got her in june or july 2020, she’s about 4 years old and don’t believe she’s had a baby before. i’ve never had a bred donkey before so i’m not sure what i’m looking for. she is a bit...
  7. Stripe13

    Pregnant, fat, both?

    Hey everyone! I work for a lovely woman with her two minis, and we have come to the conclusion one of her minis may be pregnant. She got Fancy about 8 months ago from a breeder who had a mini stud on the property, but they said that Fancy hadn’t been exposed to him (at least in their knowledge)...
  8. B

    Foal? Or no foal? Help!

    So i have a mini, who we bought back in october. Right now we are not sure if she is pregnant or not. We had no idea is she was exposed to a stud (she was with a bunch of other minis not sure on gender). Since than she’s been getting quite big, Comparing her to our other mini, she has a...
  9. A

    Pregnant or not?

    Hey All, so a little back story.. I bought my toddler a pony this last July 2018 with the possibility of her being bred (they said she is). She is aged to be around 13, no idea if she’s been bred before or not. She was exposed from last winter (February) till the beginning of summer (June). Do...
  10. J

    Need Help Please?? Pregnant?? Udders??

    Good Morning,  We are seeking some help if possible, we are new to this forum (and Miniature Horses) so I hope I’m posting this in the right place!!  My daughter purchased this little cutie “Gypsy” not long ago  (because she was not being very well looked after)   I am questioning if she is...
  11. bluey

    WeeFoal 120 - is this test positive or invalid?

    Hi all, My mare isn't mini, but I see a few of you here use the WeeFoal pregnancy tests and I'm hoping you can help me. I used the WeeFoal 120 on my mare, this is photo of the test. I'm not sure whether the C line is faint enough to be considered invalid or not. I have emailed WeeFoal to ask...
  12. V

    is my mare pregnant?

    i recently got this abused mare at an auction last month, she is 7 years old, and all it said was that she was exsposed to a stud. she is huge like a watermellon and has a bag, but cant figure out on how long she is. any guesses? and what colour of appaloosa markings does she have?
  13. Brody

    Bandy's Foaling Thread - Round 2!

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum, as I only discovered it online a few days ago, but I think I am addicted already. I have learned a lot from others posts and threads, and hope to gain some further insight by sharing my mare on this thread. I have a lot of experience foaling full size...
  14. Amour Lie

    Pregnant Miniature - How close is she to foaling?

    My Miniature horse, Zelda, is pregnant and going to pop any day now. She has been going up and down since the 15th. She has been going out during the day and in at night. She has had contractions near her flanks while standing. Her stomach is more sunken down, and bigger in her flanks. And...
  15. lexischase

    Does anyone know this mini mare?

    Hello Everyone! Meet "Summer" I just recently rescued a miniature mare, but know nothing about her past! She is a dun about 3 or 4 years old with very unique facial markings. I believe she was run through an auction if not several before I rescued her. I have had her a little over a week now! I...
  16. sarahhh_jean

    New to pregnancy

    Hello all!! Since I have searched high and low and all over the web for info I am bugging you guys as a last resort. First I will give a little background This past year I came across a bulletin at my local feed store here in Naples, Fl about an ad someone was giving away a mini. I have had...
  17. Jade10

    Pregnant mare too fat??

    I need some help. My mare is 6 months pregnant and looks to me like she is overweight. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make her lose some weight, so shes healthier, without affecting the baby? She is in the pasture all day and gets locked up at night, so all she eats is grass. (sorry...