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Jan 20, 2024
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Pearl is nearing 330 days!
I've been studying photos from last foal and comparing them to this incoming foal. Pearl did not fully bag up till about 3 days before foaling last time. It seems likely she will do the same this time around.
I've started pH testing her and here are the results from this morning to this evening.

Here is a photo of how her bags currently look and looking at photos from last foal her bags were about this size till about 3 days before foaling. My mother is hoping she foals on Mother's day this year lol! Her last foal with us was on Easter!
I will try to remember to keep posting on this thread about Pearl's changes and incoming baby! That way I'm not making a ton of random new threads! Lol.
Here is her doing a morning roll. You can zoom in and get a bit of a better look at her bag size in the photo too!
335 days today! Got some interesting changes 🤔
I can definitely say how she was last foal vs this one is very different.
She's had fluid from her udders for about 20 days now but still barely any filling of the udder. Still clear/amber.
pH is still testing about the same somewhere around 7.4 to 7.8
What's different now though is all her previous signs of incoming foaling are basically gone. Not much for a lax read end. Not much jello she is actually fairly tense tonight. However, she is peeing a lot and I mean A LOT and acting very uncomfortable. She's rolled a bit today and done a lot of pacing and has been constantly flagging her tail for the last few days.
What was interesring is I walked out to put her away in her stall and give her grain tonight. She greeted me at the gait and went into a pee stance. She did not pee. She followed me into her stall, ate 3 quarters of her grain then walked to the back of the stall to take a long pee and acted as if it was somewhat difficult and grunted a few times. When done she walked a couple steps stood there then walked to me and just stood there. I was like aight that's interesting 😂 and took off to drop her ripped fly sheet and grain dish back in the house and go grab her some hay after. That took me all of probably just 5 minutes. I get back with her hay and noticed 3 more fresh pee spots in the chips. That means she had peed 4 times in like 10 minutes!?
Baby is very active right now too.
Think baby is just sitting on her bladder ooorr???
Besides that nothing else has changed :(
Took a photo of her bags at dinner time and then another before going to bed and this is how much they've changed 🤔 hopefully they stay like this and she stops with the deflating😂
Goodness, I'd be so uncomfortable too! Poor mama. I sure hope that baby comes out soon and she has a smooth, simple delivery of a healthy, strong baby.
We are getting there! Going to be starting the sleepless nights here very soon. She will be 343 days along tomorrow.
Her pH is dropping pretty quick all of a sudden. I'm thinking maybe around the weekend 🤔 though she could still be holding on even longer lol
Her pH 2 days ago was still showing to be between 7.8 and 8.4
Her bum is crazy loose tonight. Her bags are a lot bigger but still not as large as they got last time she foaled.
While I don’t do any breeding, it is just fun (for me ;)) to follow those of you who do. There is something addictive about those numbers too, that draws a person in to see what that number is today!

Your mare is lovely too! She is so beautifully groomed in the photo you posted!
Well it is now June and she is killing us. She is about 354 days along now and still no lil guy! The baby is very angry tonight and doing a ton of rolling and bouncing around. Her udders have gotten larger and quite tight. Her pH is still reading too high but I had to get new test strips and I am thinking they may be faulty 🤦
Her milk is starting to go from clear to a clear amber color and is getting sticky. Very jelly on the bum too. Shes been very cranky as well. Hopefully soon!🤞
My mare had her foal already this year, but I noticed a lot of foal movement in the couple days before. Hopefully that means she is close. I don't usually check milk color, but since my mare was already leaking I did this year. The night she foaled it was whitish, but not what I expected it to be. More like watered down skim milk than the stuff I would put in my coffee.
Maybe the pH strips were not faulty and she was just reading high till tonight. Shes been reading at about a 7.2 for this past week and now shes at a 6.4 which is the lowset this strip reader will go. Maybe a baby tonight! 🤩 Super excited. She's been very quiet and hiding in the lean-to all day today. It is finally time to be up all night. Woohoo! Thank God I don't have to leave for work till 10:30am

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