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  1. MeepMeep

    How Much Longer? (Hide n Seek Foal Watch Thread)

    Well, it's day 331 and I'm watching my mare get ready to foal soon (hopefully). I bought her already in foal, but know her dates, so that's good. She has an udder, her tail is loose and she seems to have dropped, but though her udder looks pretty full-ish, there's no milk or waxing yet. What do...
  2. kdbeshears

    Introducing Chantilly Lace aka "Tilly"

    Tilly is due to foal any time between middle of May 2015 and end of June 2015....I personally saw her breed 6-10-14, 6-27-14, and a half attempt at breeding 7-22-14....And she has not came back into heat since the July breeding.....Im going to upload several pics dating back from Sept to recent...