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  1. ShanesPonies

    Help! What is this? Is it bad?

    Hello again! So Pearl is about 310 days along now! I can't remember if I announced in an older post or not but Tilly is 100% not prego, darn mare. Anyways Pearl is showing a lot of signs of possibly coming a bit early besides having any udder development. Last time she had a foal with us she...
  2. ShanesPonies


    Pearl is doing good and has a fair amount of baby movement! She will be in the safe zone of 300 days at April 11th but shouldn't foal hopefully till May 6th which is 320 days. To me she seams pretty done with it and may foal early. Tilly is very questionable still. I personally am sure she is...
  3. ShanesPonies

    Stall Cameras?

    Hello! Our foals are due soon and we are wanting to set up a camera this year in the foaling stall. However, sadly we do not have internet and it seems most these cameras require internet and a monthly subscription. Do you guys know of any cameras that do not require wifi, could run off of...
  4. D

    Foaling Vet Supplies

    Greetings all, I am new to the world of miniature horses and wasn't expecting to have foaling expected so soon. I've only had her for a week and she's bagged up pretty good! I am thinking she will foal by Christmas. Located in Minnesota Looking for advice on vet supplies for both mom and...
  5. Krmal90

    Kandy due soon, need help determining when!

    Kandy is a maiden mare and due anytime (pasture bred). So far we have not really been experiencing really any textbook signs. She has been bagging up a little at night the past week and then it shrivels back up during the day. She had been looking very wide up until today, I think her belly has...
  6. B

    Foal? Or no foal? Help!

    So i have a mini, who we bought back in october. Right now we are not sure if she is pregnant or not. We had no idea is she was exposed to a stud (she was with a bunch of other minis not sure on gender). Since than she’s been getting quite big, Comparing her to our other mini, she has a...
  7. A

    Aloha New Member here

    I posted once before but I never introduced myself. I am a mini owner in Hawaii. I have 4 minis right now and one that is soon to born. I came here looking for info on birthing and found lots of great information. I own Aloha Riding Lessons, LLC and Aloha Minis. I teach horsemanship to adults...
  8. Brody

    Bandy's Foaling Thread - Round 2!

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum, as I only discovered it online a few days ago, but I think I am addicted already. I have learned a lot from others posts and threads, and hope to gain some further insight by sharing my mare on this thread. I have a lot of experience foaling full size...
  9. BigDogs & LittleHorses

    Barn (foaling) camera tech- what do you use?

    Hi there, I am currently assembling a barn / foaling camera system for BBF Suzie-Q's 6/22 predicted foaling. Don't want to spend a whole lot because it's quite possibly the only foaling I'll be doing for quite a while, maybe the last (that's what I said last time though in 2008 ). I have a...
  10. jstarr78

    New to Mini's, need advice have Foal on the way any day now

    Hello All, Just trying to see if I can get additional information other than what I have learned online and from my vet. I recently purchased my first miniature horses in March of this year. I ended up with a beautiful 5 year old blue roan appy stud who has the most charming personality for a...
  11. Little Hooves

    We're live on YouTube!

    Please login to YouTube and give our cam a "like" at and send your friends to watch, too We're trying to show The Pet Collective that miniature horses are the coolest pets around. They contracted with us to broadcast our mare Becca's birth of her foal on YouTube. We're trying to...
  12. BriarwoodAcres

    The last one-updated w/PHOTOS pg3

    We have wax and a momma who is over it. poor 2 Sox wont eat well,she just nibbles a little and hasnt pooped all day but pooped a ton last night. I cant get pics to upload from my phone so ill do it later lol This is daddy, This is his last foal as he was gelded this past January. A not so...
  13. BriarwoodAcres

    Foaling Help-UPDATED 11/8

    I purchased a mare who was pasture bred with a stallion. The stallion was removed she thinks at the end of Oct 2011. She still hasnt had a foal. We know for a fact she is pregnant. Her belly was bouncing around like crazy when we brought her home. She started making a small bag when we brought...
  14. C

    Foaling Mares Out

    We are in a unique situation this year. We are unable to have any foaling cameras up and unless we are sure a mare is going to foal we can't really check on them through the night. So for those that foal out a lot of mares or are in a similar situation do you think it is better to have a mare...