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Dec 16, 2020
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So I have a 37-38 inch mini mare, I should have gotten her registered when I got her but silly me didn't think it necessary as she was just going to be a companion... She's 2.5ish years old

So some questions I have are:
Can I do it myself or do I have to get the previous owner's help (I have her contact so it wouldn't be too hard)
Do I have to register her ASPC or AMHR cause of her height?
How much would it cost?
Is it hard to get them registered?
Is it worth it?
If I breed her later (much later) in life, and she's reg ASPC, can I breed her to an AMHR stud and still be able to register the foal?

I attached a picture of her for you to see :D Her name is Mango (register name suggestions are welcome! )


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Some questions back at you, I'm afraid. 1. Are her parents registered? Both need to be registered with the SAME registry. 2. Are YOU a member of AMHR/ASPC? If not, you would be required to join when sending in the forms. All the forms can printed off the website.

Yes, you will need the previous owner to sign forms. You will also need to find out if a stallion report was filed, and if no report was filed, a late one would need to be sent in, with a late fee. If the parents are either NOT registered or are registered with two different registries then it's all a moot point.

There is a way to Hardship into AMHR, but it is spendy and includes having her DNA tested (which you'll probably be required to do anyway.) AMHR has changed the rules about Hardshipping more than once, so I've lost track. Perhaps someone else can chime in about this. answer to your last question, I think I answered it regarding registering HER. If you DO get papers on her, the stud would need to hold the same registry papers to register the foal. (ASPC is very strict about proof of both horses being a Shetland. They have very wisely added the rule of requiring a DNA test when a horse with two ASPC parents is registered late. They used to have an age limit.)
To register ASPC the pony must have both parents registered ASPC. An ASPC pony can be AMHR registered if it is small enough, but an AMHR horse that goes over 38" cannot get ASPC papers based on size.

AMHR does not allow hardshippjng of "grade" horses--they need ASPC, AMHA or Falabella registration in order to hardship, so if she is over 34 inches and you cannot get the required application and stallion report from the breeder/seller, you have a nice grade miniature.

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