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  1. L

    Mini Mare holding onto foal WAY too long

    Hi there, So my mini mare who is about 13 years old was pasture bred in 2021 and was expected to have had her foal in July. Still has not. She has been slightly bagged up and has had clear fluid coming from her tits(prepping for milk) for quite some time. We got her preg checked in September to...
  2. Shanespony


    Hiya! Recently picked up this girly, beginning of February. We were told she should foal any time between end of March and end of April. The last owners pasture bred and didn't keep tabs so we don't have a super good idea of when. She is 15 years old and has had 2 foals that we know of. She...
  3. lexischase

    Does anyone know this mini mare?

    Hello Everyone! Meet "Summer" I just recently rescued a miniature mare, but know nothing about her past! She is a dun about 3 or 4 years old with very unique facial markings. I believe she was run through an auction if not several before I rescued her. I have had her a little over a week now! I...