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@MaryFlora Well they are furry but not so darling yet! Lol, Miss Blue Eyes likes to kick you. About to post more on them.

The streamlined look is pretty different! I like it too! You are right, it is very elegant. He was not stalled and there was snow on the ground where he was, so where that coat came from, idk, but I love it!

More on the two fluffballs that I shared pictures of.....
They arrived here earlier this week and will start learning manners and showing. Our first show is in 6 weeks so here we go!

The bay is a lovely, shy and clueless yearling. All she knows is leading....barely. Has not had much handling at all, but she should come around quickly with daily handling. If she looks familiar, it is because she is full sister to my bay gelding, Trooper.

The blue eyed filly is going to be the challenge. This face says it all!
While she has had more handling than the bay, it has also only been basic and she has developed several bad habits, the biggest of which is kicking. If you ignore her, don't feed her "on time," or wait to pour her feed, she kicks you. So we are going to focus on that first and foremost, especially as she is supposed to start driving training.😬

I am looking forward to getting them both in shape though!
Both girls are already coming along so quickly. The results of groundwork will never cease to amaze me and it helps that both have excellent minds. Dream is already not kicking and picked up backing and hindquarter yields smoothly in her first session. Star is leading and lets you come and pet her when she is at liberty now.
Now to build on that foundation and get them into shape! Looking forward to warmer days and clipping!
This horse is just so incredible! I didn't think it possible that he could impress me so much, but he already has, even more than my beloved Arabs and that says a lot! Here he is playing in the field yesterday.



Dream and Star are beautiful ponies. It really isn’t funny when you have to deal with it, but I did laugh at Dream’s default solution to life not going her way! 😂

Your photos of the action your big guy has are wonderful. I’m smitten! 😍
He reminds me of a Saddlebred at the barn when I was a teen, O’Riley. He was a jumper and a very confident fellow.
@MaryFlora Yes, and she does have those mischievous blue eyes! It is not funny when you are on the receiving end though. She is much much better now.

And yes he is very much like an old time Saddlebred! Or what Hackneys and modern Saddlebreds want to be. Evidently they are crossing Dutch horses with Saddlebreds now to bring back the substance they used to have.

I got a drive in with Apple between all the rain we have been having. He did pretty well.
You two look terrific together! Apple looks like he is handling the terrain very well. Love your cart and the big wheels!

Interesting info on the Saddlebred/Dutch horse crosses! Fascinating how horse conformation cycles through different ideas of ‘perfect’, according to people. I like substance and bone in a horse as appropriate to its overall size.

You have a beautiful group of horses both big and little!
Beautiful! They are so trim and sleek, a lot of work on your part!

My minis are a fun mixture of wooly but also starting to shed, sprinkled with a bit of mud and a few frozen bits for highlights. I’m not even sure your horses and mine are in the same gene pool!

Hope you get to the show and have a wonderful time!
Spring is finally here to stay and the horses are enjoying themselves! I still have a few more to clip, but so far we have no shows scheduled besides helping clients, which has been enjoyable. Hopefully next year we can get back to a full show schedule though! Everyone is training very, very well.

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