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Jul 25, 2004
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Norco, CA
Here comes a post I thought I wouldn't have to write for many more years to come. My dearest, darling Appy died yesterday evening. No apparent cause. He was 22 years old and has been one of my very special heart horses since even before his arrival in 2004.
Woodstock North's Who's Appy Now had some National wins as a 2 year old before we got him. When he arrived her, I broke him to drive, but then Joel White asked to show him in halter. He won several more National top tens as a senior horse, and earned his first Hall of Fame in Halter. He came home and I started driving him again, and his next career was born... and another Hall of Fame, this time in the highly competitive Country Pleasure driving division. In the local class A shows, he won a whole room full of Championship & Reserve ribbons! He had motion that is seldom seen in mini horses!
His very first time driving in the cart near other cart horses, he LED a mini horse group in an Orange County parade! We did many other parades over the years, including the Hollywood Christmas Parade with me and a very pregnant Jennifer Hull. He was also an AWESOME trail pony and a kickass playday horse. He did everything I ever asked him to do, and did it with style and panache. He was goofy, and dignified, and a heart throb of a stud horse. He has babies all over the U.S., including 2 daughters here, and several granddaughters. Plus he was the sweetest boy to handle.
He was more than half-way to a third Hall of Fame in Roadster, and I was planning to finish that off when the pandemic hit. I was finally starting to feel comfortable enough to start making plans to fit him up again to make a run at it next season, but that will never happen now. And I will never again see him peeking out from under his insanely full forelock waiting for a treat when I say "Where's my nose?" in the barn.
Maybe he's back together with Beau now, and they are playing together in forever pastures. My two main men, together again... without me.


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@Dontworrybeappy My deepest condolences. My heart knows what it is to lose something (someone) so special to you suddenly and unexpectedly. Take the time to grieve. There is no replacing what was. Don't be afraid of the hurt, the hurt means the love was real and it's ok.
My heart is with you.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful horse with us through your story and photos.

I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose our friends and family members.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose such an important part of the family.

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