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Jan 13 -
55 minutes for Rocko
55 minutes for Annie

I adjusted the cart back again and if I sit forward in the seat it seemed very balanced with no bounce in the tugs. Andy from Coachman's Delight had told me during the clinic (at this setting) that he thought I had everything set right but because of that little bounce to scoot my rear up to the edge of the seat and get a wedge. I got the wedge, but I can't say I was really sitting that far forward.
I think it's just a matter of the solid tires and suspension that doesn't compare to my cart with the pneumatic wheels and the springs that are spread over a larger area under the seat.
1 hour 20 minutes driving Midnight. The friend drove Dapper Dan with Munchkin ponied (her foot is still not well enough to walk). My sister came also with her little horse. It was a little cold and windy but we persevered. We drove 3.27 miles.
Midnight was doing her "fancy trot" for the first half hour. My toes curled a couple of times. She did settle down later. It was good for her, as the other two horses coming up behind made her nervous.

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