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Mar 21, 2022
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We have extremely cold winters so I do provide extra hay for my minis in winter months.
I just moved them onto a dry lot as they can all lose a few pounds.
I just noticed tonight however that our one mare’s belly is looking low or that she’s just carrying her weight oddly. I did a double take at her today and though to myself, “are you pregnant??”
We got her in September 2022.
She’s kept on a regular deworming schedule. I’m going to have my vet do a fecal.
I thought I might as well ask on here.
I’ve never looked at her udder before so nothing to compare anything to at this point.
I was told she had a foal before.
I’m just worried as who knows what she was bred to or when, if she was infact pregnant.
I’m kind of hoping she’s just chubby.


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I agree the size and shape of the belly make me lean towards pregnancy. Could be a hay belly as well but I am more inclined to think she’s in foal. The udder may be starting or she may just have a fattier udder. I’d start by taking pics first thing in the morning and at night and see if there is a drastic difference.
I agree that the belly looks suspicious. The udder could just be normal for her, my mare has that much even when she isn't pregnant. But she could just be overweight. Some gentle exercise won't hurt her, and neither will keeping an eye on that udder.
Oooo I see a baby on the way! Are you able/willing to test the fluid in the udder? That's going to be your best indicator of when delivery will happen. It's not something everyone is comfortable doing.
I'm going to call that a big change and say a foal is in your future. Your near future.
Million dollar question…how soon? Why can’t we have crystal balls for these things? Haha
My guess is tonight to two weeks from now lol. We getting really excited over her. A complete surprise!
This is her udder this morning. I don’t see a ton of change from last nights photo, but to my knowledge that can change quickly or slowly.


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I agree, I think a foal will arrive before long! I second the use of ph strips, its a fantastic tool used correctly.
I would be comfortable doing so, but she is not big on my anywhere around her udder. I’ve tried quickly, but so far not able to express anything.
For her safety I really want to know though. I’m going to buy the strips just to have on hand incase she does let me.
She is usually extremely well mannered for the farrier, but yesterday while having her trim she was a bit of a grump. I was too at this point in pregnancy though too lol.
Just an update. This is her bag today.
Her bum is jello and tail loose, but I’ve noticed that since Tuesday.
She has been walking around with her tail slightly up for the last 48 hours.
Her vulva is still wrinkly, but maybe possibly loose? I could be wrong on that though.
Ohhhh that wait!!
Sorry, I also forgot to mention that I’ve had not luck expressing anything from her udder. She is extremely difficult for me to touch them! She doesn’t want me anywhere near her udder which is a surprise as she usually very east to handle and nothing usually phases her.
Today I feel like her teats themselves look puffy or fuller.
Maybe it’s me though, just search for a change in them lol


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She actually looks like she has less of an udder than she did, I think. But it can go up and down quite a bit when it's still early.

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