check in if you can from the tornado plagued states

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I know we have many members in or near the areas hit, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you!
So sad, all the loss of life...

Praying for everyone in these states..
The tornado's passed just north of us in Kentucky! We had major thunder storms, but no damage here! Everyone here is safe and sound!

We escaped here... the F4 was a half hour-ish north, and the Taylorsville tornado was 30 min south of us. We just had wind.
Just heard via Facebook Jonathan Whitt is OK but it wiped out the town next to his...

Prayers go out to all.....
just seen it on the news here in australia,,,looks terrible i hope every one is ok

sending prays
Ive been watching on the news here in Ireland too , praying you are all safe
We are in Western Kentucky, Muhlenberg County....lots of wind and some hail but when we crawled out of the closet everything was intact. Bad part passed in Northern Kentucky so we really lucked out.
Maybe those forum members in the "area" of these storms could help check on & report for any other farms they know are in the area. It is on my mind with any & all but, I just don't know a lot of these farms anymore.

Terrible the way the "natural disasters" have increased so in the past few years.
My son lives in Western Kentucky. He too had bad thunderstorms and wind. No damage just rattled nerves! Prayers to all.


Victory Pass Stable

North Carolina..

We had a tornado pass nearby. Looks like 2 neighborhoods (one family had one child trapped in debris, one in a neighbors yard, and a third was dropped onto a freeway..little traffic, thank God).

We saw a barn full of horses with the roof gone..poor horses seemed unhurt, but very stressed. The weather folks had watches and warnings East of us, but they didn't add our counties until after the storm passed through. So those families had no warning unless they were watching radar.

Hoping everyone is ok out there..
I know Mini Gaits Farm is real close to Henrysville, IN and Little King Farm isn't much further down the road, has anyone heard from them?
Hello, Freida Blair of Silver Ridge Minis reporting. Our little farm is in California, Kentucky. We are fine. No damage to house or the barn. It was way too close. Four miles from here there are homes gone in Wesley Chapel (part of California, KY). Little Kings reports on Facebook that they had metal dropped all over their fields and lost one foal (born during the storm) but otherwise they are ok and people were going to help them pick up the metal. I have not hear from MiniGaits.

I am really feel blessed and very lucky to escape the damage. I am not looking forward to the spring storms as I am even more afraid of them than ever.

Please send your good thoughts and prayers to the ones who have losted loved ones and/or their homes.

Sincerely, Freida

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