a moving we will go.....(feel free to sing along)

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Mar 19, 2005
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South Central, KY
Yesterday we made the first trip (of many) from our farm to our new house. Learned something.....it has no linen closets. Didn't even think to look for that. And don't you know I've got two HUGE ones here. Oh well. Such is life. Since we are downsizing and simplifying our lives, I've decided to go out and purchase two really nice, thick towels that will match the bathroom. All the assorted towels I have now will then become car rags. We don't need more than two towels, anyway. (OK, i'll keep some for the guest bath, but only two). It also has no towel bars of any kind. You gotta wonder.....where did they hang their wet towels?? Oh well, it's on the list. LOL And no toilet paper holders. I'm making this giant leap here and saying they used toilet paper but where in the world did they keep it? It's on the list, too.

We will be making a big trip today with the car, the truck and a trailer. I also have a carpet cleaning man coming at lunch time. I figured I really should have them cleaned BEFORE all my stuff gets here and that'll be Tuesday. No time like the present. They had two little dogs and had doggie gates up everywhere. I'm assuming there was a reason for that......if you know what I mean.

It's going to be such a huge lifestyle change. From working on this farm all the day, doing animal chores, mowing, gardening......to being retired and not even mowing the small yard. (I've already hired someone to do that.)

There are a few things we need to do: have a garage or carport added (hubby wants a three car garage, even though I have put my foot down and said, in no uncertain terms, ONLY TWO CARS ALLOWED). I'm ok with a carport. I just don't want to get wet when I come home in the rain. I want to have the back deck covered so I can sit out there and bar-b-q even if it's raining. (with the fancy bar-b-q that is on the list LOL)

And I found out the house has a double convection oven. Fancy. Unfortunately I've never cooked with one. All my "famous" recipes are for a standard oven. I'll have to experiment on hubby. He makes a great guinea pig. (whether he wants to or not)

And once we are all settled, the weather should start to cool down so I am looking forward to sitting and working on my quilts.

Today will be a long, hard day. Unloading all that stuff that used to be in our garage and that is now going in the storage building. And I've got to scrub bathrooms, kitchen, blinds, all that stuff you do when you move into a new place.

I'm telling everyone now: THIS IS MY LAST MOVE. If I ever say anything about moving again, you have my permission to slap me!!


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Jan 9, 2005
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NE Montana
Not that downsizing isn't n excellent idea, but perhaps a small wardrobe would work for a linen closet, if you have a space to put one.

I don't think this house had to let paper holders either when we moved in
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Aug 4, 2008
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Catlettsburg Kentucky
I can sooo relate to what you are doing! There is always a ton of stuff you have to reconfigure, add and subtract to a new home.

Our last move was the LAST for us also! I'm determined to die here! the cleaning, fixing, downsizing, moving all the little things, getting used to the new place. All are stressful, but worth it in the long run. We still(after more than a year) are not "done" fixing our new home the way we want it. But it does feel like "home" now and we love it. At least you don't have to worry about the "other house" while you are making your new nest!

Many happy years to you and yours! Looking forward to updates!

Silver City Heritage Farmstead

Can't stop now (formerly Dragons Wish Farm)
May 29, 2012
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Raeford (Silver City) NC
"Hi ho the dairy-o, a moving you will goooooo!" LOL

Maybe they used portable towel drying racks? And those stand-up tissue holding spool thingies like we have at work?

Good luck on sticking to the only two cars ultimatum. Sounds like your honey is with cars like we are with horses... always one more than you have stalls for. At least with a two slot carport you'd end up with only one car extra. ;-)

So good to hear that you're both getting settled into a permanent home together. Even better that you will be staying close*er* to your church support system. We all know being without that is beyond easy words to explain.

You two give each other a hug, we shared a thanksgiving prayer for you this week at work. I'm keeping you on the prayer list and look forward to more celebrations.

Julie in NC

P.s.....I looked it up, very cute! I like the eart-tones, the French doors and the diamond tiles. Very nice indeed. :)

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