Reg. mini mule driving gelding

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by xrdh, Nov 13, 2018.

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    Jasper is a 7 year old registered miniature mule who is gentle, smart and talented. 32" to 34" tall. He drives, jumps, and excels at obstacles. He has never bitten or kicked anyone and he gets along well with my other minis, big horses and dogs. Jasper has never been lame or sick. He is all white except for one black spot. Good conformation. Nice, correct legs. He loves attention and has won me many ribbons at shows. I don't want to show anymore, and just want to drive out in the woods by myself. That's the problem. Jasper has bolted on me in the woods twice. Once when vultures flew up beside us and once when he saw a deer. At this stage in his training he is not confident enough to be alone in the woods driving. I will reluctantly let him go to an experienced driving family who will drive him in a pair for at least a while. I will buy him back if he doesn't work out. Buyer will be referenced and vetted and must drive pairs. Eastern WA state. $500 Jasper's first show June 20, 2015 driving.jpg Jasper front view .jpg Jasper and Jewel at geo.jpg

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