Teaching an Old.. Mare.. New Tricks!

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Sep 24, 2020
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North Texas
Just wanted to share because I’m very excited!
Back in August, I bought a new mare via some FB photos. I wasn’t looking for a new horse, it was actually totally on a whim because she looks very similar to my existing AMHR gelding.
She got here in mid September and I immediately took her to my driving trainer. Story I got is that she’s been a broodmare most of her life - she’s 17. I told him to just let me know his thoughts on if cart work was going to be problematic, but I’m willing to put in the time to ensure she has that skill set on her “resume”.
He sent me this video yesterday. 🎉 She is a little awkward, and figuring out how to move the weight of a cart - but as far as I know, this is the first time she’s ever pulled a cart. I’m going to see if we can maybe hit some shows in 2022 - she’s registered AMHR and she’s pure Falabella. I’ll also probably get her pinto papers.
Thanks for letting us share!


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I got a retired brood mare several years ago. She was 19, I think. The first day I tried her ground driving she took to it as though it had been her life long job. I went ahead and hitched her the next day and she acted like a pro. Even the bridle/bit was a non issue. Because she had just been a brood mare, she had little muscle so we just worked very slowly. I lost her, and still miss her and compare all my other horses to her.
Enjoy your gem! Looking forward to hearing more about her.
Congrats!! That is so exciting!! Yes, can’t wait to hear more about her progress and training. She is so pretty!!
Congratulations! I just got sound and no picture on the video. Is that just me on my end?
She looks like a doll in the photo!
It is so nice to read of an older mare learning a new skill! She looks wonderful.

Years ago I remember reading a bit about Falabella breeding and understood that line as somewhat unique but no longer remember the whys and wherefores of it all.

You must be looking forward to taking her for a drive in the near future!
Congratulations, very cute! I have 3 falabellas, I've been told they are known for their great minds. I got sound with the video but no picture, could be my less than wonderful internet.

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