Driving bitless..... anyone?

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Mar 13, 2018
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2 years ago we gained 2 minis that we acquired when someone paid us back a loan in horses...... We thought it best to get them out of the situation there were in, so for $29 we had a yearling colt and his mother. We immediately got him castrated.
I have been raising horses for many years, mainly draft horses. So my equipment is just to say the least, a little large.
The colt, now gelding, is parrot mouthed. We have had his teeth floated and vetted properly. Dentist and vet both agree that his teeth will never align well enough for a bit. I want to teach him to drive and would like any input on bitless driving that anyone has. I am more looking at a side pull style bosal or Dr. Cook's style. Want to stay away from mechanical hackamores.
I have lots of experience training horses to carts and riding. I use bits for my big guys driving and want some input on bitless.

Thanks in advance.
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I think someone on here drives with a bitless bridle, hopefully they will see your post and help out.
I don't have any experience driving with a side pull but I did ride my pony who had dental issues from a facial fracture with a side pull/Dr. Cook type arrangement. He was comfy and responsive with it. It took a little getting used to for me as it felt like I had no contact. I have heard that using an over check type bit with a leather mouth piece can work in some awkward bitting situations as the leather can conform to the mouth a little. Hope you can find a workable solution, I bet he'd love to have a job!
I drive one of my minis bitless. I bought a bosal bridle and fixed it with some cable ties so it doesn't tighten. So far it is working out great. The mini I use it on is still very green so we haven't gone anywhere very fast yet, but so far I have all the control I need. I did spend ALOT of time on groundwork & long lining (which of course you should do regardless of what equipment you will be using!), so he is very biddable and works well off my voice. I got the bridle from https://www.facebook.com/Anges-Custom-Bitless-More-450097638533319/; it's a bosal with a flat braid for the nose piece.
All of mine are learning in a side pull w/no blinders.

Cross unders tend to not release, so I only use a halter or side pull.