Yowza! What a day at the show : )

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Apr 16, 2009
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I attended my local club's 3rd show of the season yesterday. To say I'm still riding high today would be an understatement. Because this forum has been one of a handful of resources that helped me achieve what we achieved yesterday, I wanted to share and say *Thanks!* for all you've done to help me get to this place:

Short Stuff Little Miss Sunshine (Missy) my silver bay 4 yr old mare won:


First in Senior Mares (9 other horses), Grand Champion Mares and Supreme Champion over the top stallion and gelding. We also went on to place first in color, 4th in Hunter and 3rd in Trail Obstacle.

The best word to describe how I felt yesterday, hearing my number called? Gobsmacked. Totally and completely gobsmacked.

Here's a pic of my girl from our show on the 2nd. She was such a good girl yesterday and all that hard work has paid off!


And if that wasn't fun enough, my little 11 yr old friend who is helping me this year, placed 1st in Trail Obstacle with my other 4 year old sorrell and white pinto, Buckeroo's Golden Mini Bits Baby (Baby). It was only their second time running in that class. They also placed fourth in Hunter which is a placement improvement over the last show.
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Big congratulations!!! Just awesome what you and your horses have accomplished.
Not bad for a Craigslist purchase. I know now that's not the best place to find a good horse but it's how we got started and we got lucky
Congratulations! How exciting for you! Beautiful picture, too!
Ahhhhhhhh my favorite Wingydingy in all the land... I'm over the top happy for you. Your mare is simply gorgeous and you work so hard you certainly deserve the recognition. Luv ya.
You have a beautiful mare....no matter where you purchased her! LOL And you should be very proud of yourself for all of the training with her! Congrats!
Fantastic! Congratulations! Isn't it so cute to see the minis up against the Big guys? Some of the others get a little upset though when the little ones win the classes, but we sure enjoy it.

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