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Nov 1, 2003
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I miss my mini, but I am still writing about them and visit my friends who have them. Maybe one day I'll have another one. I think that is one reason I have been away so long, just reading your posts and looking at the pictures makes me wish I still had Domino. But I enjoy hearing about your little horses and so many of you have been a help in many ways, both with my writing and in caring for Domino.

He has a great home with children, though. So, I am fine with that.

I have been writing articles on Hub pages. Most are horse related, and some are specifically about minis. Feel free to offer your comments and advice if you get time to read some of them. My profile page is

http://hubpages.com/_DCS/profile/donnacsmith and there you will find a list of my articles.

Some good news about The Book of Miniature Horses is you can now buy it in paperback (less expensive) Since writing it I have written two more books, one about draft horses and the one about to be released is about mules. And is a couple of mini mule pictures in it.

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