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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]This is probably going to be moved to the back porch but before it goes I felt a need to explain to the new people why I type in large bold print. [/SIZE]

You oldies (no offense) know that I am visually impaired . I am legally blind and I cant see the regular type. I have a 27 inch computer screen so I can blow the pics up very big for critiques in case you wonder how a blind woman can do them.

Anyway, Just wanted to reasure those that sent me messages about yelling that I am not.... I just cant see and when I type big the computer voice doesnt need to read it to me. What an anoying voice~

[SIZE=14pt]Good idea! I had not thought of that.[/SIZE]


Lyn I am sorry people feel that they should critize you for the way you type. And I appreciate your explaination, But...... To be yelling on a computer it is type that is all caps, not the bold and large.
As my eyesight diminishes, I find myself zooming text to 125-150% in Explorer, so I really appreciate lyn's large text for myself as well as for her!
I really wish I could be more consistant with my bold and big letters. There are times when I try to respond, and for some reason it just won't give me big and bold!!!

[SIZE=14pt]Let's see if this works.[/SIZE]
Okay I am going to throw this out there.... just coming from my sensitive side as I do have a brother with a disability.

I don't think that Lyn should feel compelled to explain why on the big letters and I don't think that she should feel the need to put that in her signature line.

NOT because it upsets other people but because it is not sensitive to her "differentness".

Other people here should not feel compelled to put "I'm in a wheelchair" or "I'm a minority race" or "English is my second language" or "I have dyslexia" or "I'm a senior citizen"......What I am saying is that they should not have to explain to others why they are different. WHO CARES if someone gets their knickers in a knot over Lyn's big letters. That is not Lyn's problem!

If someone REALLY sticks around this forum and gets to know someone here, they'll eventually learn why the speech is a little different or the letters are big.


Lyn, you know we all love you, explanation or not. (((HUGS)))

Edited for big letters!!!! and I still can't make them work!!!!LOL
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Personally I always send my emails in larger print. I also like to receive them from my friends in larger print. It makes it a lot easier for me to read. And I do not know enough about computer to change the size of print other than my emails and letters.
I am not that computer savie.

[SIZE=14pt]I always wondered why Lyn used such large print - but it never "bothered" me. Personally I appreciate the larger print. I had to start wearing reading glasses two years ago at the age of 41 and now can not read a thing with out them. I fear I have inherited my grandpas bad eye sight, but now I am getting off of the topic...[/SIZE]

Lyn - thanks for the explanation - though it wasn't needed!
Take care, Lori
[SIZE=8pt]All you need to do to make the letters bigger is click on the size button, then on the large. After you are all done typing hit the close all tags button at the top and you will get large letters. Thanks to MArty who showed me that last year. I just read it to the computer and it does it for me. I felt like I needed to explain after getting PMs about yelling all the time. I thought that was using caps all the time....oh well. [/SIZE]

Now you all know the REST of the story! lol


I always get blamed for yelling, now I'm trying to write BIG - another lesson on LB let see if it works !