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Nov 7, 2004
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Fort Collins Colorado
Its not certain, but close enough- I am going to AMHR nationals for the first time.

I will be showing in youth showmanship 13-17 in both over and under.

Youth hunter-over/under

Youth Jumper over/under

and I will be doing Youth obstacle under.

I am SOOOO excited. I want to meet all you guys, and I hope I get to meet quite a few of you anyways.
Well, I'm fairly new to the forum but am planning on going to AMHR Nationals with friends(Michelle's daughter Anya will be showing in youth also). Seems like we should pick a "forum" meeting place so we could put faces to the names....what do you think??
There is usually a forum get together one night. And sign ups are put on a bulletin board for everyone.

I will be there and one of my daughters.

Youth Jr Stallion

Amateur halter stallion

Yearling stallion 30 and under

Solid color stallion

Youth Country Pleasure

Ladies Country Pleasure

Open Country Pleasure 32-34
I'll be there for my first time, from the start until the end!
[SIZE=14pt]I will be there with three horses . We will be with Dawns Chase Farm. Feather if you are going your entries need to be postmarked no later than the 20th of this month. that is WEDNESDAY. You can get entry info and a catalog online.[/SIZE]


We will be there with 3 driving horses and 3 kids. Showing in youth, amatuer,

and open. This is our vacation going for FUN! Linda B

I am debating going to watch. If I go, I'd be flying out that Sunday probably and back that Wednesday. I'd really like to get to watch Erica, but there are no direct flights and I have a really important cannot reschedule business engagement that Thursday. Anyone from this area (Virginia / DC) thinking of flying out? It would be easier for me to decide to go if I wasn't changing planes alone...
OH Jill.........come one IT will be FUN!!

I will be there Friday and coming home Weds night.......am really upset that I will be missing Liberty and the Flamingos
But have 3 labs on Thrusday and since I don't have any geldings showing this year I am done on Weds and NEED to be back so my professors won't kill me.

I will be taking the 5 show horses I have been showing this year and have entered 3 foals to take also.

Come by the visit, I will have my curtians up (Erica's Tiny Trotters) and will be stalled by Belinda Bagby (Cross Country - B & B training)
Me and raven will be there. She will be showing in

youth -halter

jr under geldings

sr under geldings

sr over geldings

sr under mares

sr over mares

jr over mares


showmanship both under and over

over driving

under driving

(sheesh she will be busy)

then she has one in liberty and will be showing in a couple of open classes as well

Me i am just doing one ammy halter class and liberty with one

Cant wait to see everyone. Come by our stalls there will be a bunch of us stalling togther
I will be there with 4 horses, Dana (Dreamweaver Farm) training and showing 1 of my horses. So 5 total. I will be there pretty much the whole time except for going back and forth to College
We will be there. We are taking 4 horses. Unless we don't get the one ready in time, but have entered him to drive. If he goes, we will have an over driving horse, an under driving horse, a yearling over gelding and a 2 yr old under gelding. I am not sure where we will be stalled, but will look around for all of you. We are Dave and Angie Foy from Foys Rolling Hills. I hope to have an end cap to set up a table or something. See you all there and I hope you all have a great time. We always do.
woo hoo, we will be going as well. Not looking forward to the drive, but we are bringing 3 geldings, all will be shown in youth, ammy, and open. From halter to driving. Super excited, will be stalling with ruff-n-tuff...
We'll be there this year in Tulsa for the first time. I haven't gone since they moved from Missouri even though OK is closer! I'm pretty sure the dates will be from Monday to Thursday the 15th.
I am going to have to miss this year. I only get so much vacation time, and am going overseas to see my sister this year instead, but will be back next year!! I HATE flying
and it is about 36 hours to get there! I am sure I will be kissing the ground upon my final arrival!!

For those that have not been to Tulsa, you will LOVE it!! Everyone have FUN!

We will be there, just for the youth and ammy weekend. Vacation time, work and school is keeping us from staying the whole week, my daughter would love to be able to stay but...... ha I would love to be able to stay the whole week, who am I kidding
oh well maybe another year. I do think the youth need to find a place to meet or somewhere they can have a list seperate from the adults so they can put some faces with names too. Some of the youth will only be there for the weekend and will not be able to meet later.... Just an idea.

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