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Apr 20, 2021
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Fort Worth, Texas
I saw this little dude and just couldn’t pass him up! He is a 2 year old, should mature around 36 inches tall and has 2 blue eyes! What did I ever do before this pony?? I’m sooooo in LOVE!! And! And he has green on his nose for St. Paddy’s 🍀 According to his previous owner, his favorite pastime is biting people! 🤣🤣 He hasn’t laid a lip on me yet😁 he goes to the vet Friday for his gelding party🥳🥳


He was so scared he was shaking when he got out of the van, but he is settling in nicely now. He was living with and harassing goats 🤣 he hasn’t been handled very much, but is learning quick. He is very smart and tries to please me.

I have actually been looking for this guy since last May/June!! I was wanting something a little bigger that would have an easier time pulling me in the cart. I bought a horse back in September that I had shipped in from Florida that wasn’t a good match. I sold her so fast that I didn’t even have time to post about her. Ive driven all over looking at ponies trying to find just the right one. One I meet wouldn’t stop rearing, and the owners just laughed, an 8 year old! Another one I drove 3 hours away to go get, but he had a huge swollen lump on his back that had been there “forever” and they forgot to tell me about. So many horses I’ve looked at and searched for. So many people I’ve talked to. So this sweet pony has been in the making for a long time now and I am so excited about him! Oh my heart ♥️♥️

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Oh my goodness, he is adorable 🥰 Super congratulations 🎉 Have you named him yet? Is he registered? I can't wait to read more about your adventures with him!
Thank y’all! 😍😍

I have finally decided on his name.
His official unregistered name is:
Diesels Zoom Zoom Bentley
Barn name:

The craziest thing is that I was going to pass on him. I saw his add, told hubby about him and then had the lady measure him. On my search I have also learned to ask for their blanket size, just so I can get an overall size of the horse. I was looking for a horse about 35-36 inches tall that was between 3-10 years old. The lady admitted she didn’t know anything about horses, so I explained to her how to measure for me. She came back with a height of 36 inches and a blanket size of 36. So I was thinking pass because first of all he is a two year old, I want something older and ready to drive, and secondly he is going to be way too tall for what I was looking for. But her measurements didn’t really add up because a size 36 blanket is what my tiny 28 inch dwarf Thunder use to wear. Hmmm, what to do?

It is my hubby who convinced me to go look at him. He was only an hour away and the whole way there I convinced myself that I would be coming home with an empty van. I got out of the van and took one look at him and was immediately sold!

Gelding surgery is $150 and if they are crypto it is $750. I have looked at and passed on other horses who testicles were not completely dropped. When I went to ensure both testicles did indeed drop, I only felt one. One! Where is the other one? Crap! Well, I had to make a decision. Right then and there I decided I didn’t care if I had to pay extra for the crypto surgery, it was worth it to me, this horse for some reason was “the one”! We got him loaded in the van and the poor lady was in tears that she had to sell her Diesel. Her hubby had gotten Diesel for her last Christmas, but he was becoming increasingly “not nice” to her goats and he kept biting her. She was also worried about him hurting her children.

Ends up he is only about 34.5 inches tall and his blanket size 44.

Well, after I got him home and he calmed down, guess what I found?! His missing testicle! They both have indeed dropped! So tomorrow is his big day, he gets gelded, woohoo!

Oh I thought you’d never ask 😜

I took Bentley to the vet this morning. I went to load him in the van and I was shocked that he jumped right in! I guess all he needed was a little food motivation. Hubby was there to help but was also surprised he loaded so well. I will be working more on loading him next week. He is such a little champ in the van, perfectly behaved. At the vets today, he received all his shots and had his coggins pulled. His gelding surgery went really good, not much blood at all. It is official, he is now a gelding, woohoo!!🥳🥳 The vet looked at his teeth, decided he didn’t need a float, said he had really good teeth for a mini, and that they all line up perfectly. The doc also guesstimated Bentley to be a 2 year old this spring or summer, so cart training will begin late fall, early winter!!!🥳😍

Doc looking at his teeth:

Snip, snip 😝….. viewer discretion advised….
Yes,they were BOTH there!! 😂😂

Offically gelded 🥳🥳


Finally waking up:

This week we will be working on loading in the van. We will also be taking a field trip to Atwood’s (which is similar to Tractor Supply Co). Everything I am doing at this point forward will be getting him ready for the cart and away from home adventures. He is very responsive and seems to catch on rather quickly. Oh my heart!😍😍♥️♥️♥️
Bentley visits Atwoods!

I can’t believe how well Bentley did today at Atwoods! He handled it like a little champ. Lots of people petting him, so many scary things to see, weird noises, and different smells. I am so proud of him, he is going to make a fantastic trail horse, he has a really good mind!

After a heated discussion yesterday between Bentley and Stormy I am finally able to turn Bentley out with the dynamic duo. Bentley thought he should be in charge, but Stormy wasn’t giving up his pasture to a 2 yo. 🤣 Bentley finally knows his place in the herd, which is at the bottom. I am glad Breezy also stood his ground and Bentley is at the low man on the totem pole, I really did not want him in charge. Stormy runs a nice, quiet, peaceful herd!! Bentley is just so playful, a typical 2 yo. He is learning the ropes and settling in nicely!


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