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This will probably sound stupid, but after what you just said, why not try it while you wait for the electical guys... Why not rub her down with a dryer sheet, they are supposed to reduce static, it might just give her a little relief.
Marty I have been reading this forum for years, but this is the first time I have posted. After reading this I felt I really needed to encourage you to contact Bonnie. I found out about her by reading this forum, and I cannot say enough about her. I feel she literally "saved" my Chihuahua, Hercules. He was having a terrible time. Was in pain, could barely walk, stopped eating, drinking, anxious, etc etc. Took him to the vet multiple times, put on all sorts of meds and even came close to overdosing. Finally contacted Bonnie and she was able to tell us immediately what it was. She even performed Reike on him. It was amazing. He had injured his back, high up on his spine, near his neck. The vet took xrays, exams, bloodwork, etc and could not find it. Bonnie recommended chiropractic, but her Reike did the trick. She has also assisted me with behavioural issues with my Chihuahua, Sugar. Again, I would really encourage you to contact Bonnie. My hubs thought I was nuts when I first mentioned contacting her, but he is now a believer. Take care and I truly hope your sweet dog gets better.

After reading your post I thought of a dog my mom had that had similar episodes... Is Amy still pooping? My mom's dog quit eating and starting having occasional episodes were it would yelp and then go hide or yelp and then try and get as close to my mom as possible.. I will spare the details about it all but turned out the dog had somehow injested a piece of thread like yarn (my mom loves to crochet and the dog must have gotten a piece of the yarn somehow) and it had gotten wrapped up in the intestine and actually caused what they thought was a blockage from the xray - however the dog had to have surgery and it ended up being that the blood flow had been cut off from the yard and that the intestine in that area had died but when the dog would move just right they assumed it would hurt and that is what was causing the occasional strange yipping and the dog to look so scared..

I hope that is not the case but I would say would be well worth the xray to rule anything like that out... Especially since you mentioned her shredding the basketballs... Could possibly be a piece of rubber stuck???

Good Luck and I hope Amy feels better soon!
DGR I'm sorry about your mom's dog

Marty, honestly, if you want to know for sure, please do contact Bonnie! Amy is worth it!
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OK guys, for all you guys that want to see Amy, here she is just a few minutes after she got zapped again. This time it was small, no sparks flying, nothing like that, just enough of whatever to make her jump and relocate. I gave her meds which kicked in shortly and believe me, without them she would be on the ceiling.

I wanted to show you how fixated she is with the area she just got "attacked" in. She was laying up against our back door like she always does when her demon got her. She will not take her eyes off of the back door or the floor where she was resting and evventually hides under a table in the back there. .She totally acts like something is there, something wrong and just stares at that place.

Then she is even reluctant to pass by the kitchen and stops there for a bit to stare at the floor there too. Then hesitant to go into the living room alone, always watching the floor. Comes back and again, can't seem to take her eyes off of the back door area again. You can tell she is convinced something is back there and nothing is there which you can see.

Keep in mind again that you will not see her going insane as she is heavily medicated and completely exhausted as none of us has had any rest since Friday night.

For those that like to study body language, maybe someone can see something we can't figure out.

Thank you all for every suggestion. I'm trying everything


I don't know Amy, like you do, but she sure seems to be trying to tell you something. And, she looks a bit worried in a few spots (hard to tell, as the video is dark and I don't have great internet service). Contact Bonnie, you have nothing to lose but a little time and money, and so much to gain if she can clue you in to what is going on with Amy (perhaps even pinpoint something for the vet to take a closer look at). Here's her website: http://www.bfogg.com/
Wow, poor Amy. She's so concerned and worried and interesting to watch because there is something there bothering her that we're not seeing. I know you've had lots of advice but after watching the video, I'd just say again I'd put in a call to Bonnie so she can help Amy. Also, I'll just say again, if you're going to be taking her off her medicine, I'd try a calming collar. I'm sold on them after using them and the lady who makes them is wonderful too.
Why don't you put her in another environment and see if the behavior stops? Then you will know if it's her or something in your house. You could board her at your vet and they can observe her behavior for a few days.
Hey, I just got around to seeing this post and Amys video. Boy Marty she sure is on sencory overload about something. You have mentioned that "MR. Retirement" has been doing alot of work around the house. Now Im just throwing this out here but is it at all possible that perhaps some sort of electric cord or outlet could be comprimised in some way...maybe sending some very low voltage over your floor or maybe making some sort of spark in the wall that only Amy/or dog could hear. Maybe a small h2o leak behind fridg/sink that is coming in contact with the floor. I know it sounds wierd but I really think its something in the home and not physically wrong w/Amy....wish we could get a video of her actual 'attack"

What is her behavior in the barn or outside....has she had her attacks there?

Is there a metal strip across the door? not sure what its called?

Marty, Im not sure if I believe in what Bonnie does but I would, in a heart beat, be calling her. You've got nothing to lose. I would like you to let me call her and set it up for you...please. Amy is such a pretty little girl and she just seems soo confused and I know you are too.

Hugs to you both
Today's update: I wish you all could see what is happening. I was on the phone with Connie today and she could hear Amy holler and also when I was on the phone with Mary last night. They could hear that yelp it was so loud so atleast a handful of people don't think we've all gone crazy around here. .

So many things occured all at once on Saturday when everything goes on around here:: Playing ball too hard, minimal leftover fireworks going off down the road, big remodeling inside and out, (Dan's room walls and flooring tore out,)(neighbor moving our large hay storage building which is presently still been up on jacks since this begain but no power to itfor years, possibly exposure to insecticide--- trying so hard to do a process of elimination. My biggest problem is that her episodes continue to be random, inside the house, outside anywhere in the pasture or yard, in the barn, Not yet in my truck. We may have developed a nervous twitch for some reason or shooting pain.As I said before, there is no pattern, no rhyme or reason, we're grasping at straws. And what was that snapping noise? I finally heard that myself and maybe jump with my grandbaby in my arms I could have dropped her, OMG so I don't discount that underlying current theory or static


Heidi, (HUGS). yes we have metal thresholds and also metal kick plates on the bottom of our doors; The more I read about stray voltage and how its killed children and dogs sends me through the roof. The power company never came to check around because its been raining non-stop but Jerry's been under the house again and still can't see a problem. And how do you explain it outside of my house? ugh...mystery. My vet doesn't seem to be on board with anything like that.

I am listening to every single person's experience and ideas with my mind wide open. I keep reviewing what you say over and over so no matter how far fetched you think your idea is please continue to bring it on even if you think its the boogieman. We are very thankful. Maybe more useless footage later.I need a group hug. sigh......

We are going to start with an X ray of the abdomen in the morning and see if that tells us anything and go from there but I will not allow my dog to suffer or keep her on zombie drugs for life. I want my whacky fun crazy happy dog back the way she was. .
I'm so sorry Marty....hope they can figure out whats going on. I do think it's something physical, something is hurting. The last year of my labs life, he behaved very similiar to Amy. He would jump up like something poked him and then he was very upset for a while after, even though he didn't appear to be in pain, he would pace and act upset....earlier in his life he had petit mal seizures and when they were over he would behave like Amy is also...hopefully they can figure it out soon and it's an easy fix.
You poor thing, i know you must be a wreck. Im assuming you havent been able to pin point these attacks...standing,lying down, sitting...does she bite at her sides after it happens. So very strange. glad shes getting X rays , thats at least a start. Does she still want to play ball ( not that i think she should be at this time )...is she still a high energy dog or is she now just lathargic? Ive got to go reread this thread again.
Last update before we head off to the hospital:

We might be making some headway but I don't want to get too hopeful.

Amy went 7 hours without an episode today, only had 2 compared to the 6-9 she was having per day. She began to really perk up this afternoon and act herself. She came with us again as she always did to the barn to feed this evening and on the way back, spotted one of her balls and went after it. Even in the rain, She hates the rain but today she didn't care. This is the very first time she has expressed any interest whatsoever in her ball playing since Saturday afternoon. She looks so much better today! I'm so excited!!!

You can see how happy she is here and what a difference since the video last night. This is the real Amy: happy, enthusiastic and feeling great and a princess. I feel like I"m getting my dog back and whatever it is, could be working itself out.

Unfortunately she did have quite a big episode about midnight but I'm going to think positive.

PS: I've been very sick with pneumonia for a month so I sound like a toad.

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Did the change in her come about when then the rain hit? Just curious, cause isn't static electricity worse when its dry. Just a thought.

She sure looks more relaxed in the newest video.
Glad to see in the last update that she seemed to be feeling better. I hope the xrays went well also..
If it is a problem with static and electrical why don't you try and put on some of those dog rubber shoes. If that eliminates it then you would know it's electrical. If she continues then you have eliminated that possibility.
Here's my latest update. We did not go for X rays as Amy is in a holding pattern. . Unfortunately I got hauled off my paramedics with a collapsed trachea and spent Friday night and Saturday in the hospital and thankful they chose not to slit my throat on my living room floor. Another mess to deal with now, do not care to discuss it,

So, Friday Amy had a total of 4 episodes that lasted a split second and no yelping involved. She went all day long Sunday without an episode. She had one this morning and no yelping went with it. She is back to her normal self in every other way wanting to play and ride around etc, just being happy girl. I was hoping whatever it is, is trying to work itself out but I really would love a concrete answer.

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