This guy is just begging to be shown again!

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Jan 1, 2003
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Larimore, ND
Well on Friday my Dad decided to pull "his" gelding out of the pasture and body clip him because he is "his" gelding
We showed this guy quite a bit as a yearling and 2 yr. old but has literally been just a pasture muffin since. I'm thinking he looks so darn nice with no conditioning that we're going to have to haul him to a show next month. We're already planning on taking my Puck filly to our State Fair and I'm pretty sure Scooter will be going with. He's such a neat little gelding and also does well in liberty. What do you think of him? He'll look even better after 4 weeks of exercise! This is our B.O.B gelding, 35.5", and yes he is looking for a new home, preferably one where he'll be driven


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