Some pics from our miniature horse club's driving clinic yesterday.

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Laura Leopard

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Feb 20, 2008
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Here are some pics of my boys driving at a fun clinic we had yesterday.

Here is my gelding Toby being a good little training horse for one of our members.


Here are a couple of my stallion who was having a real hard time focusing on his job because of the mares around. His head is a little too tucked in this pick. We are working on that.


Not sure what he is doing here. He wasn't cantering. It looks like he is skipping.


Ahhhh....Love is in the air....! Too bad you're going to be a gelding soon. Let's just say he was driving with five legs most of the time. All things considered he handled it well.


Cooling off.

Nice pics, thanks for sharing!

Your stallion is very pretty (um, I mean Handsome!) and I'm impressed with how well-behaved he was with all those mares around! And your gelding looks so patient in that first photo, I had to smile.
Great photos and he's a good boy being around all the ladies.

Is that a donkey in the background pulling a cart? That's fabulous!!!
Your boys look great! All considering I think your stallion did really well and your gelding looks like a great boy to learn with.

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