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Apr 20, 2021
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Fort Worth, Texas
I have freaked myself out about predators so I bought the boys a horse box! What if I go to bear country? I can’t just tie them to the side of my van, they would be dangling bait for a bear or even a mountain lion! 😝 what is a girl to do?

You have no idea of how many trailer dealers and “custom” trailer dealers I have called over the past couple of months. I have also called mini horse trailer dealers out of state and some of them wouldn’t even get back to me. Most places say my trailer project is just too small to take on, in other words it isn’t worth their time and they wouldn’t make enough money. 😝 My trailer has to be very small and lightweight in order for it to be towed behind my little van.

Hmmmm…… Do I know anyone who could make me a mini horse trailer? 🤔🤔 A horse box?! 🤔🤔 Of course I do! 😁 it’s a good thing I have a handy hubby! Awe poor hubby 🤣🤣 Yesterday he hooked up the trailer wiring harnesses, that was an ALL day affair!

I have bought a 4x6 enclosed cargo trailer that hubby will be modifying to make me a mini horse trailer! I am planning to keep the boys in the trailer overnight at places that might have predators. I’ll be posting pics here about the progress of my brand new horse box conversion. 🥳🥳


If anyone has done this please post your pics so I can get ideas.

Stay tuned!….
Hubby has been working on my VALENTINE ♥️♥️ trailer ALL day today! He has assured me that I will be fine towing a single axel trailer.

He got windows in, one on each side:


This is what the back door area looked like before:

He added a ramp:

The ramp is connected to the trailer and folds up. He made it to look like a stall door ♥️♥️, he is so creative!
I don't know where I was but I totally missed the progress of the horse box. That is wonderful. Was if your idea to use the spray bedliner? Great idea!