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Apr 22, 2010
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Hello all! I need some advice, help or anything!

I have a 2yo mini filly who has been sick since July, 2013. It started with a snotty nose, fever, respiratory distress and coughing. A 12 day course of antibiotics, cough meds, and anti-inflammatories and she was fine (for a month) then it came back; coughing, snotty nose but no fever. Another LONG course of antibiotics (30 days) and no change. Had her scoped, cultured, and a thoracic ultrasound done by my vet. (10/16/13) He gave her an injection of Eqstim and told us to wait for the results. After the results came back clear (no bacteria or anything) we decided it was a virus and it would just take time.

Then, my 2 yearlings came down with snotty noses and coughs. I had them examined also but no telling results were found. They were given Eqstim and cough meds.They both are now healthy and happy (were fine about a 15 days after getting ill). NONE of my mature horses showed ANY signs of being sick even though they were ALL in together. Bambi, my 2yo filly, however is STILL sick! She runs and plays, eats, drinks, and acts fine, no fever or coughing just a green snotty, mucasy, nose. I am at a loss for where to go from here and have consulted other vets and horse owners to no avail.

Does anyone have recommendations, advice or information that could help?

Thanks in advance!
I agree with the dental issue theory. As her symptoms are anogulous to dental infection. What about allergies? I had a morgan with severe dust and mold allergies. We tried every treatment available to find out he was allergic to dust and needed steroids. Id explore dental issues then go from there. Good luck.
My question is if it was allergies or a tooth issue, why did the others get sick?
It might be a gutteral pouch infection since it keeps coming back. A good vet should be able to use a small tube and flush it out. If they do this a mucous drains out then that is probably what it is. It will clear up eventually.
I had the same thing happen to my little ones. Started with one little boy, went to vet said its not contagious... after 6 more got sick they all were put on antibiotics. Some improvement but not gone. Different antibiotic most got over it but the original one never quite did. after two months of fighting it and doing all sorts of tests I had given up, he would just have to live snotty. An older farrier came by and just so happened to see the little snot ball and told me I needed to add apple cider vinegar to their water. I asked how much (my trough was 2'x4' by 1' high) he said to pour about 2 cups in the trough. I had tried everything else and this was an easy try so I did it... It worked. I don't know why but it did. I did add more whenever I needed to top off the trough. He told me to use "raw" and "unpasteurized" apple cider vinegar and make sure to shake it up well (there will be stuff that looks like silt in the bottom). I think it took about two weeks to notice an improvement and I did leave them on it for a couple months because they really seemed to like it. So here I repeat, I do not know why it worked, but it did and so I thought I would mention it to you. Good luck.

ETA: I did start them out by just adding a half cup a day because I was scared they would stop drinking water if they didn't like it but lucky for me they really drank it better than just plain water.

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