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  1. thathorsecrazychick

    Modifying/ figuring out how my harness works

    Ok so my harness I notice is going to hold the cart to low and I still need to figure how I’m going attach the traces and I would love any advice/ how to modify or figure it out.
  2. Shanespony

    Know anything??? Got pictures!?

    Back in February me and my mom picked up a mare called Ondine Black Pearl from Miniature Ventures pony farm here in Central OR. She was bred last year to their stallion Bristol El Dorado and gave us a beautiful little filly this Easter. It's been really hard to find past information on Pearl...
  3. Katie1122

    Help with Shetland pony pricing

    I have a registered American Shetland pony Colt but I don't know how much to sell for how much do they usually go for in Texas anyone know please help
  4. Ourcozycoop


    hey everyone New here. Yet to introduce myself formally. My names Steph, I currently have 2 mini’s needing blankets. So I have some questions. I’ve read some post on here but now I’m a wee confused as to the blanket size I should go with. I have a Falabella named Willow she’s a single register...
  5. bunni1900

    Snotty nose help!

    Hello all! I need some advice, help or anything! I have a 2yo mini filly who has been sick since July, 2013. It started with a snotty nose, fever, respiratory distress and coughing. A 12 day course of antibiotics, cough meds, and anti-inflammatories and she was fine (for a month) then it came...
  6. bunni1900

    Locking Stifles Support Group

    This is a group started to help those new to this issue and allow others to offer their knowledge and experience. Please play nice and be kind to one another. This is for SUPPORT not for grandstanding. I will start with my experience. I had my first encounter with this condition this year with...
  7. bunni1900

    AMHA Lookup Please!

    Looking for info (and hopefully a picture or two?) on a stallion named "Happy Times Little Apache Feather" He is an appaloosa??? I think. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  8. bunni1900

    Scars...What to do for a show

    Hello again all! So I am preparing for showing my horses. Here is my question; My stallion is a DARK black bay who has no markings. BUT he has white hair on his legs where he used to have scars. My question is, what can I do about it for a show if anything? I know people dye bleached manes and...
  9. Foster Woods Miniatures

    My horses are biting each others tails?

    Hello there! Lately my horses have been playing a little bit more aggressive than usual... they like to go after each others tails. I wouldn't think of this as a problem, but with show season coming up I don't want the pathetic tails I have now. Any suggestions? I use MTG, I've tried putting...
  10. Lil Timber Buck

    AMHR show in Shelbyville premiums released with schedule. Need HELP! newbie to this

    Okay so I went to this show last year for a couple of hours to get a feel for my competition. I intend on participating this year, but need some MAJOR help! Where can I find good, easy to understand decriptions of these classes? I don't know the difference in modern stallion, modern pleasure...
  11. Foster Woods Miniatures

    Dissappearing Tail...

    Hi everyone! So it appears that my gelding is shedding... his tail. Everyday I've went out to the barn, i find a mess of tangled hair in his bedding. its a LOT. his tail is getting really thin. I've tried braiding, wraping with vet wrap, I've even wrapped the handle on his bucket (I found some...
  12. bunni1900


    HELLO! I am in need of some help. I have a filly that I have dewormed regularly all her life. She is almost a year old now. I took in a fecal sample to my vet and had them spin it down and look for parasites. (this was about a week before Christmas) She had 2 strongyles and nothing else. I...
  13. bunni1900


    HELP! I am looking for the best TRAIL cart to start my mini with. I am at a loss! I will have to save up no matter what but I really need some help! Any and all input is appreciated!
  14. bunni1900

    Help choosing the right cart!

    I have a 30" mare who I am training to drive. I am looking to get her a cart but don't know what measurements will be right for her. Her blanket size is 40" and she has a pretty decent stride. She is a little stocky, has good muscle and a great build. I want to save up for a trail cart for her...
  15. Breannanalley

    Help, could she be in foal?

  16. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    My Mini Has An Attitude!!! Please Read

    I have been having lots of behavior issues with Bentley lately....well after the show, he got sore in his hooves, and i was told to not work him for a while. I worked my other horses for the last month or so. He hasnt been worked in over a month because he has such sensitive feet and i didnt...
  17. shalakominiatureshowhorses

    What to Wear in Country Pleasure Driving (youth)???

    Hello! I just came back from a mini show with my mini Bentley. We showed in the Youth 13-17 Country Pleasure Class. What would be proper attire for someone in this age group? I wore a dress in cowboy boots....didnt look good but my mom wanted me to be "cute".... ....judges didnt think...