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Jul 25, 2004
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Norco, CA
I fed the horses late this morning, since I was up late and then up and down a couple of times during the night watching the mares on camera... when I checked to see if the mini mares in the arena still had hay from last night, there was an EXTRA horse in there! Not only a pretty little foal standing there, but a LOUD APPY one at that!

I ran in, thinking that it was so loud it would have to be a boy - but nope, it's a FILLY! Her mom is a mare I've been leasing with an option to buy (and we're gonna take that option!) and her sire is our marvelous little man "Appy". We didn't think Nikkie was due until May 24... and she wasn't looking imminent (but again, we weren't watching that closely) but this filly doesn't look like too much of a preemie!

She's on the barncam now in a corral, KpM Barncam 1

Her legs are a little wonky, the vet thinks she probably had to walk too much at first, so Mom and baby are closed into a 12x 12 area for the next few days, but everything should be fine.

She's silver dapple (black based) since Appy is homozygous for silver, but at first I thought she was black since she's so dark! Her name is "Abbie" - registered name will be "APPSOLUTELY FABULOUS"!

Appy's next baby is out of our maiden mare Ginny who is (supposedly) due April 29... of course HER we've been watching for 2 months!


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Nov 30, 2002
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She does look a little but "early" but not bad, and the legs and such will sort themselves out. Beautiful, congratulations!


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