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More progress! Still testing high so we continue to wait. Since she’s now 315 and making so much progress we are keeping her in the run that is under camera as a precaution. She’s really hit that miserable stage.
What consists of a miserable stage?
My Gypsy has been very bossy, shovey, itchy, and hates being touched is that the miserable stage? It hurts my feelings lol
Basically she’s gotten to the point where all she wants is to be in her stall and left alone. She stands there all day and looks pitiful. She is just over it. She’s been itchy and rubbing but it’s more than that now. She’s just fed up with it.
Brix is now off the charts. Ph is still high but I bet it drops soon now with that change in brix. Udder has made good progress too.


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So my friend was wrong about brix the other day….not sure what it actually was but it’s been 8-12 in the last 48 hrs….until tonight. It’s up to 20 and ph is starting to drop (between 7.8 and 7.5). Behavior is very different, she’s quiet and wants to be alone. Hopefully getting closer now.


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It’s official, this mare is crazy. I am giving up on her (not really, maybe reverse psychology). she went backwards again overnight and is testing sky high again. MARES…..
After several days of NOTHING Gypsy is getting close now. Brix is 21, ph 7.5, and she has some wax! I expect that ph drops soon. She is miserable and actually not my friend when she checked her earlier.


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Slow but steady progress. Ph still high but she’s looking closer for sure. Still need some work on the udder, otherwise I’d be on alert.


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Unfortunately I lost Rythems baby this past week. I’ve had a really rough week. Can’t really talk about it right now. Thankfully Rythem is okay.

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