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Nov 3, 2006
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Okanagan, British Columbia
Getting to the point, someone told me you always have to wear a check(over or side) in classes(I show AMHA) Is this true because I find that my boy Rhino drives better without one.

Another one, I'm training MacDuff to drive. I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable driving him in a show this year. I want to show in first year classes, so if I don't show him till next year in driving, but do training this year, would I be able to enter him in first year driving???
Yes in both AMHA and AMHR your horse has to wear a check. My horse does better without one too, I wish they would change the rule, but I try too keep my horse's check as loose as possible.

Not sure about first year driving, I know they have novice driving for the driver, but that class isn't available at all shows.
Some shows do offer green horse classes, although they are not rated classes ie no points.

Yes, I understand that, but my queston is that if I do his training this year, would it be wrong to show him in 1st year driving NEXT year??
I would say no. It doesn't matter how many years you have been riding around home, the first time you go in the ring it's okay for you to enter the novice riding class. Same with driving--first year would mean first year showing. There would be absolutely no way to police how many years a horse has been driving at home.

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