Clipping for summer?

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Well, I could be wrong too, I've only got 2 of them. When I think of the fuzzy hairballs I think more of a falabella mix. Or a dwarf. But there is a lot of variety from horse to horse in the big horses too, and there is even variety from year to year in an individual horse.
I think Marty is in a good place nutritionally for a toothless old man, we have him on the Smart Itch Ease from SmartPak which has omega 3’s and various other things in it, his skin and coat were a mess and it really helped his summer coat (he was very badly neglected and rescued just over a year ago).
If you have just had him for about a year, then his system may still be normalizing, it can take a couple of shed cycles to see the results you want with changes in coat. If you haven't already, as you say he's a toothless old man, testing for PPID (Cushings) wouldn't be out of the question.

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