Rescued maiden mare (Coco) delivered 8/3 horse colt new pics 8/19 Sugar delivered 8/22 3am

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OMG!!! What a little cutie!!! She really had me fooled. I thought from the pictures she had a little more time to go. She really carried that little one up high and tight!!!

AWESOME!! Love the markings!!

Sorry, I've been gone a bit and just reading the threads, A friend of mine who has been battling cancer lost her battle and went home to be with the Lord., So, I've not been as attentive as I should Please forgive me.

You have a gorgeous little one! And now a weaning partner for Rowdy! How exciting. So, tell us all about it? I can tell from the time you posted, you were there and ready!!

First of all, I am very sorry to here the bad news about your friend. Sometimes we lose sight of what is truly important. We get (or I do) caught up in our own lives. And no reason to forgive you. This is a message board and our famlies and friends are much more important than a responce here to someone grumpy and tired from no sleep and a stressful situation. (My rude post) Please forgive my insensitivity. My wife says remember the world doesnt revolve around me and my minis.

I agree she didnt look that close either. Her hoo haw hadnt progressed any more than the last pics I posted. Yesterday she rolled a couple times. She has paced being stalled for three days now. Never been in a barn in her 4 short years and being alone stressed her badly. Maybe that was what triggered her labor , not sure.

She started stepping side to side, kinda rocking pressure from one foot to the other in front about 8 pm. Walk a circle then back in the corner and do it all over again. Pawed some here and there. Had runny squirting diaherra about 3 times. Thought maybe not use to the alfalfa and clover hay. Anywho rough delivery for her. She got 1 foot out then another contraction the other foot and head. Then she rolled all the way over on her back to the other side. Freaked me out, jumped up and walked around behind me with the colt halfway out and layed down and pushed her the rest of the way out. The bag tore open around her head before I could do anything. Sugar hopped right up and pulled the bag off with her teeth. I was past exhausted and freaked out. She wouldnt stay still and stepped on the after birth a couple times before she finally pushed it all out. Everything was intact and there.

It took the filly about 10 minutes to stand. And about 30 minutes to nurse. And I think its time for a short nap:) Ty for the kind words and the congrats!!!
Of course we care, congrats and you need to share lots more pictures.

What a darling little filly.
Ty so much. And I will get some more pics on this afternoon. I gotta have a nap:) stressed out!!!
Hope you're getting a good nap!! Can't wait for more pictures of these pretty little babies!

Good job Sugar AND YOU for being there!!

It can be scary when they start rolling all the way over during labor -- but that's natures way of shifting the foal easily, and keeping baby from "locking" in the pelvis. It can be very scary, but you did so well to allow her to roll and move that baby around. Some people try to restrain the mares, and then they wind up with a hip-lock or another dystocia. It's always best to let "nature" be the guide.

She did great, and you did an excellent job of monitoring these mommies and getting these babies safely to the ground! CONGRATULATIONS again!!!

Rest well, and I look forward to lots more pictures!!!!
Congrats again on your pretty little girl and getting her safely on the ground

waiting for pictures after your snooze feels so good to sleep with both eyes shut for a change
Oh many congratulations, what a gorgeous little filly!! And well done to you (and Sugar) for getting this little one safely on the gound.

It really is freaky when the mares start doing strange things during labour, not good for our nervous systems! Several years ago we had an experienced brood mare do this to us. Normally she delivered her babies as per the text book but that year as soon as she went into labour she was all over the place, up down, up down, rolling and rolling, up on to her back etc. Everytime she went down daughter and I moved round behind her ready to assist, but she moved again. We could see one leg coming and in between rolls we could just feel a nose, but no second leg. Amazingly she had held off with further contractions and was just rolling trying to straighten out the foal (as Diane said, nature is wonderful!) She suddenly paused long enough for daughter to get a good feel and she found the second leg hooked over behind the foal's head pointing upwards which was also causing the foal to be tipped slightly sideways in the birth canal. Once we flipped the foot back tha mare jumped up, walked quietly round, laid down, resumed contractions and out shot her tiny colt, which we were left to deal with as our elderly mare decided to just lay there and take a good rest after all her unusual 'activity'!! We were so thankful to see this little one safely born due to the fact that we had told his Momma that this would be her last foal, plus that year we had had a large number of foals born and this one was the thirteenth - we were so frightened that something would go wrong!

Hope you are enjoying a long and relaxing sleep - well deserved I might add!

Cant wait for some new pics when you feel ready, plus some more of that handsome Rowdy please!
Aww what a pretty girl, so nicely coloured - Sugar looks great too.

Lovely to see them enjoying their outside time. Again, many congratulations!!
She is such a cutie!!! Two beautiful foals!! Just fabulous, and in only "23" posts!!! Now don't forget to stay with us here...the Australian babies are "headed our way" pretty soon!
Both of your babies are VERY nice!! So glad the filly made it and that you were there.

I'm glad I didn't say anything about her - I'd have thought she'd go a lot longer before delivering. Going off your pics - my maiden mare is about 2 months overdue!! She is almost as large as one of my mares that has had 6 foals and bigger than one that has had more than 10 (who shrinks down to "maiden" size after foaling!). Cheri is due soon. Have to go out and get some proper pics with the camera - haven't been able to get any of her udder...

R u enjoying your new herd??

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