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Jun 9, 2018
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While I was out at the barn where my TWH is boarded last week, my friend told me about some minis that the owner was threatening to shoot if no one took them. On Friday she was able to go out and see them...thankfully, 2 of the minis already got homes. A little 4 year old mare was left. She had lived her life tied to a tree by either a big dog collar or a belt with extra holes punched in it. The barn is currently unable to take in another horse be it big or small, I agreed to take the little girl in.

As you can imagine, she’s in bad shape. She’s a healthy weight, but her coat is in bad condition, her tail was so long that she was stepping on it and her mane was so matted that I had to cut the whole thing off when we finally got her home. Someone had done a hack job on her forelock and part of her looked like a kid had attacked her with scissors. She was afraid of the clippers so I’ll have to gradually work her up to completely roaching her mane so that she can grow a fresh new mane. I won’t keep it roached like Coady’s as she will never be able to be a driving horse, so she can grow back and keep her lovely little mane. Once I trimmed her mane short I saw that the collar or belt or whatever it was (I didn’t care at the time...I just wanted to get that poor little baby out of there!!) rubbed the hair off of a good sized spot on her neck. The worst thing is her poor little hooves. They’re not super long, but they’re in really really bad shape. It looks like they just cut the toe off with a hacksaw when the hooves got long. She’s actually walking on curved under hoof wall instead of the sole, and her left back leg is actually crooked because of how the hoof has grown. She’s walking on the side of her hoof instead of the bottom. She’s shy and has no idea what a halter is or how to lead. Once her hooves are done properly I think she’ll be around 30”.

So that’s the run down on our little rescue girl. I’ll include a few pics and add more once I can get some better ones. Anyone who has rescue experience with a neglect case, I would love to hear any advice that you have gained from your experience. I got my first mini Shasta over 16 years ago, got Coady 7 years ago and have worked with many minis and more than my share of full sized horses in that time so I have plenty of experience with horses in general, but I’ve never dealt with a case quite like this, and you’re never too experienced to learn something new. Especially if it’s for the good of the horse!

Our current gameplan for our new girl who we have named Rosie:

Tomorrow morning we will call the vet to get this girl her shots, coggins and overall health checkup. I’m concerned about her teeth so those will get checked as well. She is currently quarantined in a 12’x12’ stall that she is learning how to walk around. She doesn’t even know what to do loose. She had about an 8’ circle when tied to her tree. I’ll make her her own little turnout area soon. Her hooves need work before I can even think about turning her out with my ‘megaminis’ as she understandably has a little trouble walking. Tomorrow morning we will also call a farrier in the area who is known for being able to help horses who have major hoof problems. She is very well educated and from what I’ve heard of there’s anyone who can help Rosie, this lady is it. We’re also going to deworm her and start her on some supplements to help her skin and hooves. That’s the care plan at the moment, along with lots and lots of love. Once she’s settled in I’ll give her a much needed bath.

So yes, that’s the story of little Rosie so far. Apologies that this post is so long. Any thoughts and advice are appreciated!!
These are her poor little back hooves :(

Here’s after her’s quite rough looking, but she was afraid of the clippers and after all she’s been through I wasn’t going to push her yesterday. I’ll let her gradually get used to the clippers.

Before her haircut

This is her tied to her tree. I’ll have to get better pics of her today...she’s a beautiful little girl!!
No advice, but so glad the little mare has a better life ahead. Yes those hooves are nasty.
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These are her poor little back hooves :(

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Here’s after her’s quite rough looking, but she was afraid of the clippers and after all she’s been through I wasn’t going to push her yesterday. I’ll let her gradually get used to the clippers.

View attachment 40228
Before her haircut

View attachment 40227
This is her tied to her tree. I’ll have to get better pics of her today...she’s a beautiful little girl!!

Kudos to you for helping this girl out - she looks like a lovely mini! For skin and coat - I really like the Equiderm products. They do an amazing job on dry coats and skin, any eczema issues, etc. Good luck!
That is one sad looking hoof. It almost looks like there is some bone remodeling in her pastern. I hope you document by pictures what the farrier does and how it progresses and share them with us.
She is a lucky little lady to have found a soft landing with you :).
She looks young, any idea of here age? Give her a pat from me. And maybe sneak her a carrot :D from me, too.
She sure looks as if she can use your loving care. Keep these photos and in a month or two, post how she's improved. That will really be neat to see.
Before haircut reminds me of Farrah Faucet hair cut for some reason.
Sorry for the long time between updates. My life has been crazy lately and I haven’t been on here much. Anyway, so much to say! Little Rosie is doing fabulous. The farrier that my friend recommended is amazing and since she specializes in corrective trims, she wasn’t even dazed by the challenge of Rosie’s hooves. She actually built up the outside of her hind hooves with glue and the little gal’s legs looked straighter the day it was done due to her hoof sitting like it’s supposed to. Her hooves still look odd because it will take many trims to make them actually look like proper hooves again, but she’s walking more normally now. The farrier said that it will take about a year for her hooves to be normal again. Her hind legs will always be a little crooked, but we love her the way she is.

The vet came out last Thursday and gave Rosie her shots and checked her teeth. Much to my surprise, her teeth look good! No overcrowding or any problems with her mouth. All in all the vet said she is in good health and judging by her teeth she is 5 years old.

Our little flower is starting to bloom...much to our joy her bright little personality is starting to shine :D despite all that she has been through, she’s still a super sweet little girl. A bit shy and she has a tendency to nip, but I believe that will all work out with time, positive reinforcement of good behavior, corrections when needed, and loads of love and patience.

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words!! It’s so encouraging to have people we’ve never even met supporting us and this special little horse.

Rosie got to be turned out for the first time today (her quarantine ended yesterday) Coady is being sassy so I had to separate him, but the two girls Shasta and Rosie are getting along splendidly! Quite a surprise to me, but perhaps they have a connection because they are both somewhat disabled. (Shasta has an endless list of health problems. I wouldn’t even know where to start to explain them. My precious megamini is only 16, but she looks like she’s in her late 20’s or early 30’s :() Once she’s out in the paddock, Rosie moves surprisingly well! She even trotted a tiny bit because she was so happy to be out without being tied to a dang tree. In the photo you can see the glue on one of her hind hooves. Oh, she is getting along well with the goats too! She’s such a petite girl that the dang goats are almost as big as she is!!


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Wow! That foot looks SO much better already :). You have a talented farrier.
I bet once her muscles stretch a bit and she realizes that she is free to run there will be no stopping her. I'd like to see that!
She is looking so good. She sure found a good home with you.
She is so adorable and looks so happy to be in that pasture! So happy that she found you!! Best of luck with her!

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