Rescued maiden mare (Coco) delivered 8/3 horse colt new pics 8/19 Sugar delivered 8/22 3am

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Ray K

Aug 1, 2013
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Southeast Indiana
Hello everyone. I found this great board and am desperate for help. I rescued 2 mares this Feb. and Coco is 3 years old. She has gained weight very good and has developed a small bag 7 days ago. Then 5 days ago her milk vein got huge over night. She looks long and relaxed in the hoo haw area and has been carring her tail up slightly this is the second day for that. Biting her sides and rolling some. Rubbing her butt for 3 days now. She seems miserable as can be lays down for a minute then back up. I have all the pics you usually ask for but am not smart or computer literate enough to post. I am in the country with dial up as my only connection. Can anyone give any advice or insight. I do have a camera on her 24/7 and watch constantly if I am not with her. I am so excited as this will be our first foal here ever. Reading everything here is really beginning to scare me with her being a maiden and me being new to all this.IMAG0015 (480x640).jpgIMAG0010 (640x480).jpgIMAG0011 (640x480).jpgIMAG0003 (640x480).jpg
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Welcome to the Nutty Nursery. You'll find lots of aunties here to help. I'm still a newbie but she looks ready to go to me. I'd start by reading the pinned threads at the top of this section until some of the more experienced aunties arrive to answer your questions. Lots of great foaling info there.
Ray, it was good talking to you today.

The pictures show a girl who looks like she's in the final stretch!

Can you get a picture of her STRAIGHT from the back looking down her sides, and then a side view at her level. I want to see how that little one is "riding".

Make sure she gets some good outside time to wander and get her rolling done while she's grazing! I'm very excited for you, and we're here to hep, and you know my phone number. So any questons you have, please feel free to ask them -- we have NO ATTITUDES here -- just friendly help and a wish to get all the babies safely on the ground!!
Hi Ray - good to have you join us. Coco looks about ready to foal to me, so I'm very pleased to read that you have her under constant watch. Do read the pinned threads, but dont let them frighten you - most babies arrive safely. She may need you to assist as she is a maiden mare so be prepared to get in there and help!

Do you have a companion who can help you 'watch' her and also to be there with you for the birth as there is nothing better to help calm the nerves than to have extra help beside you at this exciting time.

Try to get the pics that Diane has asked for if you can as it will help us see how close she actually is. And dont forget to keep an eye on the colour inside her vulva (if she will let you look) as with most mares this changes from a pale pink to a deep red very soon before they foal.

Again, as Diane has said, please ask any quesions (even if they seem silly to you), and Good Luck!!
IMAG0015 (640x480).jpgIMAG0027 (640x480).jpgIMAG0007 (640x480).jpgIMAG0013 (640x480).jpgThank you to everyone. It was great to talk with you today Diane, it really helped the nerves. lol Here are a few more of Coco I just took.
IMAG0025.JPGIMAG0020 (640x480).jpgA few more from today... I do have the wife here to help watch. I will go get the view from behind and post it asap. And thank you all again so much for all the input and knowledge:)

IMAG0017 (640x480).jpg
I think you'll be expecting something rather soon, you're just waiting on the nipples to part a smidge more and she'll be ready!
She looks quite close to me and if she were mine, I would be trying to express just a bit of milk (if she will let you) to see the color and consistency. When it is amber and sticky, she is likely very close to foaling. You can also get strips to test the milk but I think she will foal before you could get the strips!

Our maiden was kind to us this year and gave us some warning by acting very uncomfortable, lying down, getting up etc. Another thing to watch for is loose poop e.g. cow piles. But they can also be sneaky and foal with no warning!!!

Wishing you a safe and uneventful foaling. Do you have your vet's number handy? I like that for insurance.
Yes, she looks quite ready -- that udder is beautifully filled. Good to keep watch constantly, as they can foal without much warning. But I know you're watching her carefully, and we're very excited for you.

Happy foaling...if she decides tonight is the night! With these maidens, you just can never be quite sure. They have minds of their own -- but she's looking perfectly ready to go if she chooses.

Keep us posted!!
IMAG0006 (640x480).jpgIMAG0007 (640x480).jpgIMAG0011 (640x480).jpgIMAG0010 (640x480).jpgThanks to all the wonderful help here we have a beautiful little BOY!!! Normal presentation and uneventful birth!!! But the new mommy is a little ornery at the moment. We both need a little rest but here are a few till I make it back to the barn in the am. Looks identical to his mommy.
No enema needed he is a little pooper:) Making little piles everywhere:) Mare passed afterbirth everything intact and accounted for. Stump treated and mare wormed. He is VERY vocal and loves his mommies udder too! I tried to edit the post title but didnt see that option. Mods feel free to update it if you wish. ty Now maybe I can sleep!!!
congrats on your handsome new glad all was textbook for you

..the help from the aunties here if so valuable they are a heaven sent

and can help us through those nervous times
Oh WOW!! Many many congratulations - my only regret is that she didn't give us the time to get to know you a little better before she foaled!! Still a safe foaling and a gorgeous healthy baby is all we wanted.

As long as all is well with Coco and her new son (any names yet?) then dont worry if she seems a bit ornery and protective right now, perfectly natural, after all he is HER baby! Over the next couple of weeks she will relax her vigil over him and he will soon be coming over to 'investigate' these strange human 'things' and shortly after that you wont be able to get rid of him. LOL!!

To change your title, go to your FIRST post, scroll down and click on the EDIT, then scroll down again and click on - I think it says - Use Full Editor. Your whole first post will come up giving you the chance to change your title. Hope I have explained that ok?

Keep the pics coming and do stay around so we can watch the little chap growing up over the next few months. Do you have any idea who the daddy might be?
Congrats!!! I knew I needed to check here this morning and hoped for this good news. Great job!!!!
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Congratulations!!!! Beautiful colt and I'm so happy all went well.
Such VERY exciting news, and so glad she gave you a perfect little gent!! He's beautiful, and I can't wait to see even more pictures as he grows!!

Good job YOU for being such an attentive "dad" !!

IMAG0005 (640x480).jpgIMAG0012.JPGIMAG0013.JPGWhat a day. Thank you ALL so much for the congrats and well wishes. My nervous self had to call the vet out and have them both checked. Coco was examined and has a clean bill of health. PLENTY of milk and has calmed down to her old self. Rascal (he is pulling Cocos mane and punching her in the sides and runs over her when she tries to lay down and rest) was checked over and had a blood test done to see if he got the immunities transfered from Coco. He tested off the chart on the good side. The little dot on the test was almost black it was so dark, vet said very good. So I took a few more pics of the little Rascal. That name may stick. lol
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