Pregnant mare/foaling questing from new mini owner

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May 11, 2020
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Two weeks ago I purchased a mini mare. She is pregnant and I think due soon...however her foaling signs/symptoms seem to come and go...

1- She has had on/off loose stools, However with being new here it could be nerves or the feed switch.
2- she had sticky white in her udder which is fairly full and nipples point out/down. PH test 8's, calcium tests above 400. Milk/colostrum seemed to dip easily a few days ago and now barely a drop.
3- belly has V shape
4 - vulva looks long/relaxed to me
5 - she scratches and puts pressure on her hind end a lot & rolls...but she just seems to be an itchy girl, she rubs her face neck and back on whatever she can often.
6- Saturday there was some (tiny bit) of dried blood on vulva

Any advise or insight?!?


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These are pictures from this morning


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Welcome to the forum Kristin,

I agree she is getting close. Look for her udder to fill a little more. When you are taking pics next , can you get one standing directly behind her , say 5m back ? This will give us an indication on how the foal is riding.

When you said she was dripping milk, did you mean you could express easily ? Or she was dripping like a tap ? All the rubbing , scratching etc are all perfectly normal. At this late in her pregnancy , she is probably feeling a little uncomfortable :)
I could squeeze and get "milk" (clear/yellow and fairly sticky), she hasn't dripped on her own yet. The last 2 days I can barely get a couple drips. Today I haven't noticed her doing anything to prepare herself , except that she is not fond of me right now!


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Looking at that pic, a few good rolls will help to line the foal into position. When you get to this stage of pregnancy, its often behavioural changes that stand out as a sign she is getting close.

I have one mare like that at the end of her pregnancies, I think she is sick of me checking her udder ect. That, and the fact its getting very uncomfortable for her as the foal is growing, meaning less room as its moving around.

Thats a good thing she is not dripping milk as the first drink is the most important. Keep us posted and ask away any questions you have :)
Not yet
Her udder looks a bit larger today & she had cow patty type of poops all day and then a regular one this evening
Also, lots of foal movement on the bottom of her belly, in front of her udder.... but nothing else substantial.
Pictures taken just now... I don't see any difference. She has had very soft poops since last night and on/off since Friday.


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Thats her udder this AM... Last night, I thought she may be going quietly into labor, so I set my alarm to wake me up each hour and check the camera. She was laying down every other hour and even laid down after breakfast this AM. She was very relaxed the whole time, but I haven't noticed her laying down this much in the 5 prior nights I have had the camera on her.
I finally decided to go ahead and turn her out today and she has been very normal all day.


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