Pregnant mare/foaling questing from new mini owner

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I think that's a specialty of theirs! Mines been coming and going for about 7 1/2 weeks now but not looking nearly as ready as yours. hang in, she'll get there!
OH MY.. 7.5 weeks! Its been 3.5 weeks now for me thinking it was time.... I keep telliny myself it shouldn't be much longer!
It can't be much longer. From the pictures it looks like the foals in position and waiting.
Thank you! I hope so!
I took these pictures this AM...


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Have you tried bribing her? LOL. She looks much more ready than mine and I'm hoping for something to happen in the next couple of days, or weeks depending on how contrary she's wanting to be. :)
Hahaha!!! I've been trying that and bribes, not working for me either.
You're mare looks so close, baby just has to say he/she's ready. What;s she testing at?
What's dad like?
I was testing 1-2x a day, because a local mini breeder said I should and that she looked so close...but I stopped that about a week and a half ago, I did test 2 days ago and she was still high.
I bought her already breed and wasn't given much info at all as to dates.
Dad is a bucskin and white pinto. Very cute little guy, unfortunately I don't have pictures (I saw him when I picked Trixie up, but didnt think to take any pictures).
Here are pics of her this AM, I don't see any changes from 2 days ago and she hasn't shown me and signs of anything


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Oh I feel the pain..... Will the breeder you got her from give you any info on what her normal routine is before foaling? Assuming this isn't her first.

With that dad she could be cooking up some interesting colour.

I keep thinking of a story I read about a quarter horse mare. She looked ready and her owner took holiday time off a week before and a week after her due date so she would be home and not miss anything. They were getting up and checking her through the night. No baby by the time she had to go back to work. Kept checking every night. Got to her breed date and still no baby. At that point they were really tired and gave up checking at night and were thinking it was never going to happen. A month after her breed date they found a healthy foal up and nursing in the stall. It will happen, but on the foals timing.....
Thats so funny! I go back to work on 6/8 & at this point I am just sure her foal will be born that week!
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She rolls a few times a day and has been doing that since we got her (a little over a month ago). No real behavior changes in the last few days, she just seems sleepy, but its been pretty hot here.

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