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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
[SIZE=13pt]Hi, Everyone --[/SIZE]

I wanted to "officially" share the professional pictures we had done of Destiny at Erica's by her friends at Matthews Photography in Batesville, AR. I am thrilled with the photographs. It's the first time I have had professional photographs done other than at a show and am just very, very proud!

These are from May of this year and I know Erica worked so hard getting Destiny ready for the pictures along with the other horses, and it must have been a long day too posing the horses. I am very thankful!

Thanks for looking,


[SIZE=22pt]Erica's Echos of My Destiny[/SIZE][SIZE=8pt][/SIZE]

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[SIZE=14pt]Great pics Jill, Looks like he is rolling his eyes on that one saying, "Are we done yet!!!???"[/SIZE]

Those are great pictures! It doesn't help that the horse is magnificent! I love his face, a great looking guy!
Very nice Jill! How tall is he now? I am thinking we will be competing together in Tulsa. Your Destiny and my Zephyr.

What classes is he entered into?
minimama said:
Very nice Jill!  How tall is he now?  I am thinking we will be competing together in Tulsa.  Your Destiny and my Zephyr.What classes is he entered into?


Thanks, you all

I'm thinking Destiny's right at 31", but am not 100% sure. Erica may see this and she will know the right answer!

Destiny will be in the tall under yearling colts (30-32")

Only thing I wish with these pictures are that his color would have been back in - same thing with Cloverbud, these were taken on a Tues and we were leaving for a show that weekend, so I had to clip them Monday to look good for the show, which in return he didn't have his color in (but he did for the show!) He gets to be much richer in a few days......
Ok, we will be in the shorty class. Zephyr is 28in. Since I am 5'10 and he is 28in we look like quite a pair out there. LOL

But we will probably be in the same amateur class and color if Destiny is in color.

Tulsa is only a few weeks away!! Oh my!

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